Brazilian and girlfriend are accused of attacking Cristina Kirchner

"KirchnerJudge declared Fernando Montiel and Brenda Uliarte in preventive detention and sentenced each to pay 100 million pesos. They are accused of premeditatedly trying to kill the Argentine vice president. Brazilian Fernando Sabag Montiel, 35, and his girlfriend, Argentine Brenda Uliarte, 23, were charged this Thursday (15/15). 09) for the attempted murder of Argentina’s vice president, Cristina Kirchner, which took place two weeks ago.

Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti also ordered the couple’s preventive detention – both were already in prison – and the payment, by each of them, of 100 million pesos (about R$ 3.6 million).

The attack took place on September 1, in front of Cristina’s house, in the Recoleta neighborhood, in Buenos Aires, while a crowd showed support for the vice president, who is being investigated on suspicion of corruption. Montiel fired twice into Cristina’s head, but the weapon missed.

According to the judge, Montiel “is accused of having premeditatedly tried to kill Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner, with the prior planning and support of Uliarte and Agustina Mariel Díaz”, the third person arrested in the case.

The judge considered Montiel “co-author criminally responsible for the crime of qualified homicide, aggravated by the use of a firearm, treason and premeditation of two or more other people, up to the degree of attempt”. The judge has not yet ruled on charges against Agustina Díaz and Gabriel Nicolás Carrizo, the fourth person arrested for involvement in the case, the fourth person arrested for involvement in the case.

Augustina Díaz knew about the plan

For Justice, Cristina Kirchner’s murder plan began on April 22, “date on which Brenda Uliarte would have acquired the semi-automatic single-action pistol, 32 auto, Bersa brand, model Lusber 84, with the number 25037 on the left side of the barrel, later used to commit the act under investigation”.

According to a conversation published by the Argentine newspaper Clarín, Augustina Díaz was aware of the couple’s plans.

“I sent a guy to kill Cristi (sic),” Uliarte told Díaz in a message late on Aug. 27, according to the newspaper. The conversation referred to a first attempt to attack Kirchner, five days before the shots fired by Montiel.

In another conversation, two months before the failed attack, Uliarte told Díaz: “I’m getting organized to make a mess of the Casa Rosada [sede do governo da Argentina] with Molotov cocktails and all”.

Uliarte is also said to have said in messages, according to the newspapers Clarín and La Nación, that “to clean Argentina, you have to shed blood.” In late August, the couple reportedly began looking for apartments, hoping to find one close to the Argentine vice president’s residence.

“If [o ataque] is done, I will move to another country and even change my identity”, says another message from Uliarte.

According to Folha de S.Paulo, in a statement to the police, Díaz confirmed the veracity of the messages that point to the possibility that Uliarte was the mastermind behind the crime. However, Díaz’s lawyers assert that the client did not take Uliarte seriously, that he considered her “manipulative” and that she learned of the attack from the press.

The judge in the case, María Eugenia Capuchetti, placed the investigation under wraps and accepted the vice president’s inclusion as a party to the process.

Montiel followed radical profiles

According to the newspaper La Nación, Montiel followed various profiles linked to radical and hate groups, as well as pages on “Masonic Orders”, “Satanic Communism” and the occult sciences. The Brazilian’s social networks were deleted during the dawn after the attack on Kirchner.

Argentina is experiencing a period of high political tension, and Cristina Kirchner is the subject of an arrest warrant by the Public Ministry in the context of a trial in which she is accused of corruption in the concession of public works during her terms as president (2007- 2015). Since then, groups for and against the former president and current vice president have demonstrated in the streets of Buenos Aires.

This Thursday, Kirchner made a public appearance and mentioned a conversation he had with fellow Argentine Pope Francis after the attack.

“Pope Francis called me very early the next day [ao ataque]. He told me something like this: acts of hate and violence are always preceded by hateful words and verbs.”

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