Caixa’s new credit has several benefits

The Caixa para Elas program, an initiative of Caixa Econômica Federal, completes one month and the mark of 60 thousand women benefited by the initiative. We are talking about specific actions for the female audience, that is, opportunities such as easier borrowing to encourage entrepreneurship.

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According to the institution’s president, Daniella Marques, the program brings together actions that are capable of protecting women from situations of violence.

Encouraging entrepreneurship is just one of the paths towards financial independence, as this tends to keep many women in abusive relationships.

loans for women

In addition to the specific credit for women, the box for them offers products with special conditions. In August alone, more than 58,000 credit cards were contracted through the program.

The growth is 65% compared to the previous month. Gradually, what the initiative hopes is to create the necessary support for women to be able, through loans, to expand small businesses and improve family income.

Specific products offer reduced interest rates on credit lines. credit, in addition to the possibility of pausing the payment of benefits during maternity or adoption leave. The idea also includes exemption from tariffs and differentiated profitability in investments.

Hiring the services offered through the program can be in person or over the internet. Those who prefer should look for a branch of Caixa Econômica Federal or make the request online, via the bank’s website or application. You loans Exclusive to women also undergo review before approval.

Here are some advantages guaranteed by this program:

  • Exemption of three months in the basket of current account services;
  • Mortgage Letter of Credit (LCI) with profitability of up to 1 percentage point more than the Interbank Deposit Certificate (CDI);
  • Women’s Life Insurance with exemption from payment in case of cancer;
  • Exemption in the rent of Azulzinha for billings from one hundred reais;
  • Previdência Vida Mulher with one gynecological consultation per year and payment of R$ 50,000 in the event of the birth of twins or more children.

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