“Depressing”; Ana Maria Braga is detonated on the web after calling black power hair a ‘mushroom’ during the exhibition of an article on “Mais Você”

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The attraction aired an article that showed several cuts and hairstyles, including the black power style.

Image: Reproduction/Globo
Image: Reproduction/Globo

the presenter Ana Maria Braga has been heavily criticized on social media after a controversial speech in “More you” this Thursday (15th). It turns out that, while the attraction aired a story about a barbershop fair in São Paulo, the TV Globo veteran ended up dropping an unfortunate comment.

Reporter Cauê Fabiano was there, showing different cuts and hairstyles. In praising the creativity of professionals, the presenter compared the black power style with a ‘mushroom’which caused discomfort in those who were watching the program at the time.

“Some capillary architectures. Creativity has no end. Did you see? It has everything. There was one that was a mushroom there now, beautiful. One thing… Did you see it? Isn’t it beautiful?”said. “It’s amazing”, replied Gil do Vigor. The ex-BBB, who runs the board “It’s Splintered” on the show, was also criticized for laughing at Ana’s comment.

The moment, however, provoked some reactions on the web: “Ana Maria Braga saying that the boy’s hair looked like a mushroom… How ugly, right?!?! It was a more than stylish Black… Gil do Vigor still laughs… Affff…”said a netizen. “Aninha, it’s not a mushroom. It’s #blackpower, flower!!!” fired another. “Ana Maria Braga just called her friend’s black who was at an MDS “mushroom” barber event! I cannot understand how this woman still has a program on TV Globo. Depressing.”, said one more.

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