Enel now allows installment of debts by credit card

Enel Rio launched a debt installment campaign for customers with default for more than 61 days. Now they will have the chance to split those debits on the card up to 24 times. In addition, they also count on the fact that the payment suffers a reduction of fees.

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Adherence to the renegotiation of debts is through the Enel Rio website. Customers who wish to settle pending issues must access the platform and demonstrate interest. The trading proposal runs until the end of this month of September, so it’s good to hurry to get all the information.

Installment of debts with Enel

According to Enel Rio, payment in installments can be made regardless of the debt amount or the number of outstanding invoices. If you want to divide these values, see how easy it is to join the campaign:

  • Access the Virtual Agency on the Enel website;
  • Look for the “Accounts” option;
  • Click on “Payment by credit card”.

By following these steps, the customer will have access to all their invoices. From there, just check how many of them are outstanding and the total amount of the current debt. The next step is to select the accounts you want to pay in installments.

Click on “Pay by credit card”. The customer must add the card information and the number of installments they want. It is important to remember that the renegotiation of debts with Enel allows for a division of up to 24 times.

According to the distributor, the reduced rate is charged in installments, not on the value of the electricity bill.

The rate reduction only applies to bills overdue for more than 61 days. In this way, when completing all the steps for joining, the amounts will be charged directly to the card’s invoice. Another novelty announced by the distributor is that from now on, customers will be able to use the card to pay the electricity bill.

If you are interested, just access the Enel website and enjoy the modality.

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