ENEM writing: how to write the introductory paragraph?

ENEM writing: find out how you should write the introductory paragraph

Without a doubt, the essay is one of the most important parts of the proof of AND EITHERNational High School Exam, since the grade received in it will strongly influence the final score.

The essay must consist of three basic parts: introduction, development and conclusion. To help you understand how you should write your text, today’s article brought a summary of the introduction of ENEM writing. Check out everything you need to know about building this paragraph.

Introduction to ENEM essay: how does it work?

Ideally, your ENEM introduction should be written in just one paragraph. You should develop the first paragraph of your text in 5 or 6 lines.

There are several ways to start the intro. Among the main and most effective, we can mention:

  • Inversion of the thematic line;
  • Start with repertoire;
  • Presentation of two problems that will be discussed in the development paragraphs.

Interested and want to know how they work? Read on and choose a strategy to start your text. Remember that these are some of the possible ways to start your ENEM essay.

Presentation of two problems

You can also begin your introductory paragraph by citing two problems that will be further developed in the next paragraphs of your essay.

Remember that you should only mention problems in your introduction. You should only develop them in the development paragraphs.

Inversion of the theme line:

The thematic line inversion strategy has the objective of presenting the theme of the proposal and showing what your newsroom is talking about. It is the simplest way to start your introduction, as it prevents you from making mistakes and straying from the topic proposed by the examinees. Remember that the inversion should happen in the first two lines of your intro paragraph and should not take up the entire paragraph.

  • Example of thematic line: The impacts of fake news on Brazilian society
  • Example of inversion: Fake news has caused many impacts on Brazilian society today.

Inserting a repertoire

The repertoire can be placed right after the inversion of the thematic line. Ideally, it shouldn’t take up more than 2 lines.

You can use, among many other things, historical facts, quotes from illustrious figures and statistical data as repertoires.

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