Fake AirPods Owners Are Scared of New iOS 16 Barrier

In the latest operating system update, the company prioritized alerting its customers about the use of non-genuine devices. O iOS 16 uses the cell phone’s sensor to generate a notification when a pirated phone is connected. This way there is no recognition and sometimes the pairing can be interrupted, preventing damage to the components.

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The popularization of fake headphones

Just check the values ​​of the headphones to understand why people keep buying fake products. An AirPods 3 costs BRL 1,899 at Apple’s official store or BRL 1,739 at amazon, while it costs less than R$ 70 in the Chinese manufacturer. Even adding import fees, the second option is certainly more economical.

A dangerous alternative!

Despite the difference in value, many claim that the fake AirPods work very well and do not fail completely. However, part of the users confirmed a worsening in battery performance. In addition to the loss of market, this is an argument that the brand often uses: connecting foreign external devices disfigures the smartphone, reducing its lifespan.

Is this barrier enough?

Manufacturers were scared, but it’s too early to say whether the move will result in a substantial reduction in the purchase of alternative headphones. It is worth mentioning how the consumer sees the cost x benefit, for example, if it is worth giving up battery life when saving hundreds of reais by purchasing the original version. Increasing competition has put pressure on the organization that started with Steve Jobs to create protectionist strategies.

although your iPhone detect fake handsets, in most cases the headphones can be connected normally. If there is any correlation between a functional defect and non-Apple peripherals, this makes it difficult to access official store support, so be aware of the guidelines.

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