fake AUXÍLIO BRASIL app is circulating; see how to prevent

With the increase in beneficiaries of the Auxílio Brasil program, the number of attempted coups also increased considerably. Several fake apps are circulating on the internet. Most of the time, they promise to make it available for consultation by dates that have not yet been announced, as well as the emergence of new features, among other things.

It so happens that many people are falling for these scams. That’s because, applications can be very similar to the official one. Thus, currently, according to data released by Extra, there are more than 8 fake apps circulating on the network, all due to Auxílio Brasil. In this way, it is necessary to follow some instructions so as not to fall for the scams.

Fake Auxílio Brasil app is circulating
Fraud situations / Image: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

apps fakes of Aid Brazil

First of all, you know what it means to say something is fake? Well, this is a thing/service that is not true. That is, something false. The trend is malicious, and often aims to spread false information, as well as attempt to steal personal and financial data. Currently, according to those who research on the subject, in the year 2021 alone, there were more than 9 million occurrences of fraudulent attempts.

With the advancement of technology, the number tends to grow more and more, especially when it involves any financial bias. Thus, a new coup attempt that is circulating on the networks is the creation of fake Auxílio Brasil applications. These applications are usually available for download in your device’s own store.

So, you have to be careful to avoid the situation. First, only official Federal Government platforms can disclose specific dates first hand. That is, once a piece of data is not yet publicly available, it does not exist. Second, any offers for price increases, as well as immediate availability of cash, must be immediately checked on the Government’s official website (www.gov.br).

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Reliable and official sources of benefits

In advance, it should be noted that there are official GF sources and platforms. In them, you can browse with ease, without running the risk of fraud. First, there is the official GOV website, mentioned earlier. In addition, the Auxílio Brasil application itself is still available (bityli.com/QWgjUA), and Box Has (bityli.com/SVbrUS), both available for android and IOS.

Furthermore, the last application directly linked to the receipt of Auxílio Brasil is CadÚnico (bityli.com/nvoFgnc), also available for the mentioned operating systems. That way, do not open any other application without any guidance. If new possibilities for consultation through the internet arise, the GOV will be responsible for publishing them as soon as possible.

In general, it is necessary to pay minimal attention to details, such as what information is being requested, as well as details of the layout of the application in question. Thus, your information must be extremely protected to avoid scam attempts. Finally, in case of attempted coup, look for the police department closest to you, and do not hesitate to file a report.

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