how to know if viewed, even with inactive verification

Despite moving towards greater freedom and privacy for the user, the Meta group keeps some functionalities active. One of them is the possibility of guaranteeing whether or not someone looked at the conversation. Despite being an old function, not everyone knows and remembers to use it at specific times, when you want an urgent return.

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View and do not respond

It is easier to demand an answer when the person is already aware of the subject to be addressed. There are still those who worry if the colleague is taking too long to return something simple. Sometimes the issue involves the professional scope and then the dialogue starts to gain importance, resulting in greater access control.

Did the user see your message? find it out

1st Step: access the conversation with the person you want to know about the reading status and press the forwarded text box.

2nd Step: select the option “Information”, available from the drop-down menu and check the details regarding the chat.

For each message, this procedure must be done individually, being more feasible to look at the last one. Remembering that your friend may have opened the conversation and not noticed every word. in the case of groupsthis tends to happen frequently and to avoid being ignored, respond directly by tagging the receiver of your expressions.

Next WhatsApp news

Currently, some users already have access to the mechanism to remove the “Online” status from the profile, which appears during activities on the platform. As with the “Last seen“, soon everyone will be able to become invisible and use the app with more privacy. Regarding the latest views, it will be one of the only scan features available.

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