How to schedule a Pix on Nubank?

Nubank users have the option of scheduling transfers via Pix through the app

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Nubank users have the option of scheduling transfers via Pix. In this way, it is possible to schedule a Pix for someone in the family, for a company or for a friend with whom the customer has a monthly debt.

As a rule, appointments can be made for up to the next 60 days. Therefore, on the scheduled day, the transaction is carried out without the user having to worry. However, obviously, there must be a balance available in the account at the time of the transaction.

However, it is not possible to schedule the time that the transaction will be carried out, but Nubank states that it will be carried out in the early hours of the day. So, if a transaction is scheduled for the same day, it will be done instantly, like a normal Pix.

In addition, it is also possible to cancel a scheduled Pix at any time before the scheduled date.

How to schedule a Pix on Nubank?

  • Open the Nubank app (available for Android and iOS);
  • Click on “Pix Area”;
  • Click on “Transfer”;
  • Enter the amount to be transferred and click on the purple arrow;
  • Inform the Pix key, select a contact from your list or inform the data of the person who will receive the transfer;
  • Click on “When” and select a date to schedule Pix;
  • Click on “Schedule transfer”;
  • Enter the password;
  • Ready! The Pix will be scheduled for the chosen date.

In addition, it is also possible to schedule a Pix through the Copy and Paste method and by reading a QR Code. Therefore, the procedure to be performed will be basically the same, changing only the initial steps, where you need to inform the Pix key.

How to cancel a Pix booked on Nubank

In short, it is possible to cancel a Pix scheduled until the day before the scheduled date, check it out:

  • Access the Nubank application;
  • Locate the scheduled Pix in the movement history and click on it;
  • Click on “Need to cancel the appointment” and, on the next screen, click on “Yes”.
  • Thus, the schedule will be removed.

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