How to unlock the Auxílio Brasil payment card?

The government started issuing the Auxílio Brasil payment card, automatically, for those who don’t have it yet.

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In order to completely detach itself from the Bolsa Família brand, the federal government started to release the delivery ofAuxílio Brasil payment card to program beneficiaries. The objective is to facilitate users’ access to the amount paid, having the option of debit purchases.

In general, it is not necessary to order the Auxílio Brasil payment card. This is said because the government is sending the document to 3.2 million beneficiaries. In total, around 6.6 million users should benefit from the novelty. That is, those included in the program from November 2021.

Meanwhile, those who receive the income transfer through the Bolsa Família card can still use it. The novelty now is the addition of the chip in theAuxílio Brasil payment card. Therefore, this allows you to make debit purchases.

the delivery ofAuxílio Brasil payment card is being made through the Post Office. And along with the document, a flayer is also delivered with all the information on how to use it. If you are part of the group that will receive the card, see below, how to unlock it, and start using it.

How to unlock the Auxílio Brasil payment card?

While some banking services are charged on other cards, they are free for Auxílio Brasil users. Such as:

  • Up to 2 withdrawals per month at a self-service terminal, lottery unit and/or correspondent;
  • Up to 2 withdrawals per month in 24-hour banks;
  • Up to 3 transfers per month to other bank accounts;
  • Unlimited transfers to Caixa accounts;
  • Unlimited transfers and receipts via Pix.

To unblock the Auxílio Brasil card, however, the user must call the Caixa Auxílio Brasil customer service on 111. Finally, the total unblocking is done at lottery houses or at Caixa branches. In these places, the beneficiary of the benefit must complete the process, and then he will be able to use theAuxílio Brasil payment card.

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