Husband defends Jojo Todynho from Nego Di joke: ‘Gordophobic, deserves to be arrested!’

Military Lucas Souza, husband of Jojo Todynho, posted an outraged video with comedian Nego Di because of a bad joke that the former BBB made about the singer.

The confusion occurred after Jojo did a shoot for the cover of the magazine “Glamour”, in reference to the new live-action film of “The Little Mermaid”, in which the actress who plays Ariel, is black. On social media, Nego Di made a video mocking the photos of the session, making comments and laughing at the funkeira in a mocking tone.

Revolted, Lucas recorded a video calling Nego Di “shit”, “shit”, “sucker”, “ridiculous”, “disgusting” and “pig”.

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“How does a person put this on the internet, put a video mocking a woman’s body, who are you? If Jojo doesn’t sue you, I will sue you. Do you know why? ‘Cause you’re a ridiculous, asshole, a sh*t. Which is canceled and has to continue to be canceled on the internet. (…) If you do that in front of me, you’d get beaten up. You’re disgusting, pig!”, shouted the army soldier.

Lucas continued the outburst, stating that the act was fatphobic: “A sucker deserves a lawsuit, you fatphobic, you deserve to be arrested. If you did that in front of me, you’d get beaten up, disgusting. You’re disgusting, you’re a pig, cancelled. I’ve never cursed here, but I’m cursing now. This ridiculous Nego Di, this guy who embarrasses the people who do comedy”, he shot. Watch:

Jojo Todynho on the cover of 'Glamour' magazine
Jojo Todynho on the cover of ‘Glamour’ magazine Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Jojo poses with her husband Lucas
Jojo poses next to her husband, Lucas Photo: Reproduction – Instagram

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