Husband rebels and calls Nego Di fatphobic

Lucas Souza, the husband of Jojo Todynho, 25, was outraged by the comedian Nego Di after the former BBB made a joke about the singer’s body.

The confusion began after Jojo participated in a photoshoot for the cover of Glamor magazine, in which she makes reference to Disney’s new live-action film, “The Little Mermaid”, in which the protagonist Ariel will be black and played by the singer. Halle Bailey. After seeing the clicks, Nego Di made a video mocking and laughing at the funkeira photo shoot.

Revolted, the presenter and singer’s husband recorded stories criticizing the comedian for having recorded the video mocking Jojo. “I’m not used to it, I didn’t even talk to Jo about this subject. I’m going to come to the internet soon, I’m nervous, I can’t believe that nonsense that this ridiculous Nego Di. Man, you’re so shit, shit, how absurd How does a person put this on the internet? Put a video mocking a woman’s body? Who are you?”, he questioned.

Then, the army soldier shouted that he will sue the ex-BBB, called him a fat phobic and various curses. “If Jojo doesn’t sue you, I’ll sue you. You know why? Because you’re a ridiculous, asshole, a sh*t. Who gets canceled and has to keep getting canceled on the internet, and who has to cancel who gives ratings to this guy. A sucker never ever does that. Deserves a lawsuit. Fat phobic, you deserve to be arrested. Ridiculous… If you do that in front of me, you’d get beat up. You’re disgusting, pig!”

Lucas continued and vented about the joke made by the comedian, which he called a prejudiced comment, in addition to highlighting the representation of women on the cover of the women’s magazine.

There is no opinion when that opinion mistreat, mistreat or prejudice a person. He mocked the cover that Jojo made for Glamour, which is very beautiful, which has a reference to the mermaid movie, a movie already with a black protagonist, who represented many children. There are several videos of children getting happy and thrilled with the representation.

“Jojo is a black person, outside the standard of thinness, a woman represents many women out there, who does not care about the standard of beauty. She says that her standard is her”, he added.

Still outraged, he stated once again that Nego Di deserves to be canceled and regretted that this kind of joke about a woman’s body still exists.

“He was fatphobic, prejudiced, and we have to cancel these people. He has to continue in the shit, being fucked up. It’s amazing how there are these kinds of comments. The cover is beautiful, wonderful, one of the most beautiful photos she has. Showing the real body of a woman, who represents thousands of Brazilian women”.

Finally, the military said that he is not used to cursing people on the internet, but in this case he made an exception due to the unfortunate comment of the former BBB.

“I don’t usually come to the internet to curse others or talk shit, but this kind of thing I won’t accept. I’ve never cursed here, but I’m cursing now. This ridiculous Nego Di, this guy who embarrasses the people who do comedy “, he concluded.


He also asked people to report the comedian’s Instagram page. “Come on folks. Report this garbage account,” he wrote. “Keep reporting it. Let’s take down this asshole’s account!” added Lucas.

“Guys, the account hasn’t gone down yet. It’s just hard to find. Keep reporting it,” he said this morning.

The military also published a video in which he shows the step by step to denounce Nego Di’s profile on the social network. In the caption, Lucas also reported that the comedian’s attacks on his wife have already been reported to the police.

“Good morning! Have you denounced Nego Di today? So let’s denounce this garbage * society, so that his profile drops and we are no longer forced to listen to the nonsense he speaks!!! This racist and fatphobic will be punished!! ! In addition, the conversation will now be with police authority! If you have the courage to publicly commit a crime of injury and defamation, you will also have to have the courage to answer in court!!! Report his profile!”, he said.

In the comments, Jojo thanked her husband and wrote, “Husband, you’re so badass.”

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