INSS 2022 Contest: registration starts this Friday – 09/16/2022 – Market

Registration for the INSS (National Social Security Institute) contest with a thousand vacancies for social security technicians starts at 10 am this Friday (16) and goes until 6 pm on October 3. The position requires high school education and has a salary of up to R$5,905.79 for a 40-hour week.

Interested parties must register at The participation fee, in the amount of R$ 85, can be paid until the 21st of October.

Of the thousand vacancies offered, 708 are for broad competition, 90 for people with disabilities and 202 for blacks. In this edition of the contest, there is a greater difficulty component. There will be two phases, both eliminatory, with test and course.

The course should start in January and be valid for between 30 and 45 days. In all, candidates must participate in 180 hours of training. At the end, there will be a new selection phase, and those who do not pass will be out. However, it will integrate a reserve register of up to 3,385 stations.

The training will take place in the cities of Belém (PA), Belo Horizonte (MG), Brasília (DF), Florianópolis (SC), Fortaleza (CE), João Pessoa (PB), Manaus (AM), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and São Paulo (SP). Candidates who are selected for qualification will receive half of the salary offered by the body.

The tests are scheduled to take place on November 27, lasting 3h30. There will be 50 questions about basic knowledge and 70 questions about specific knowledge.

The official results, the results of the tests and the call for biopsychosocial evaluation will be released on December 22nd.

How will be the distribution of vacancies in the INSS?

There are posts in all regions, with a greater focus on places where there is a greater deficit of servers. The state of São Paulo will have 138 vacancies, eight of them in the capital. The others are distributed among the municipalities of Grande SP, Baixada Santista, São Paulo coast and interior. The places with the highest number of posts in this selection are Santos, Jundiaí and Araraquara.

Competition for a spot must be high. According to an estimate by the Minister of Labor and Welfare, José Carlos Oliveira, the expectation is that there will be 1.5 million registrations. Currently, the INSS has 14,500 social security technicians. The deficit of employees, however, is 23 thousand, according to an estimate by Fenasps (federation of INSS servers).

Compensation of up to BRL 5,905.79 corresponds to the base salary of BRL 712.61, plus bonuses such as GAE (Executive Activity Bonus), of BRL 1,140.18, and GDASS (Social Security Activity Performance Bonus) ), which can reach R$ 3,595, in addition to a food allowance of R$ 458.

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