Itaú Cards and Credicard customers have a 45% bonus when transferring points to Latam Pass

Until this Friday (16), customers who transfer their points from Itaú credit cards (including Iupp and Pão de Açúcar Itaucard) and Credicard to Latam Pass will have access to a 45% bonus on transfers. Thus, the bonus is fixed regardless of the customer’s Latam Pass status or whether or not the participant is a Latam Pass Club subscriber.

Therefore, to participate it is necessary to register in advance on the promotion link (Itaú and Credicard) and send the points until today (16). In this way, the bonus points will be credited within 30 days after the end of the campaign and will be valid for 24 months.

However, the campaign is not cumulative with the bonus points of Club Latam Pass plans contracted as of 01/11/2018.

How to transfer points to Latam Pass?

In summary, before transferring the points, it is necessary to register on the campaign website (Itaú and Credicard). And then enter the steps below:

  • Enter the CPF to activate the Latam Pass promotion;
  • Transfer the iupp/Credicard points to the Latam Pass;
  • Ready! Get 45% bonus.

How do points and airline miles work?

Points are a type of reward for using your credit card. Since these miles accumulate every time the invoice is paid, according to the amount spent. Some cards offer credit of one point for every dollar spent, while most cards give credit for every dollar spent. That is, if you make a purchase worth R$ 20.00, depending on the card used, you can generate 20 points, but if the points are converted into dollars, you will only earn 4 points.

Many cards have their own points program, but there are others that are well known, such as Latam Pass, Livelo, Smiles and Tudo Azul. It is necessary to have a strategy when purchasing something, focusing on making the purchase on partner sites to accumulate points.

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