Itaú opens its hand and releases limit increase up to R$ 1500, see how to get it

Itaú digital bank customers are receiving invitations to increase their credit card limit when completing missions, see how

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Some customers of iti, Itaú’s digital bank, are receiving emails about a new way to increase their credit card limits. As the invitation is sent by email, it is important to note that the novelty is not available to everyone and that it is important to pay attention to the bank’s announcements.

Iti, Itaú’s digital bank, is sending out invitations for some customers to participate in a mission that increases the limit of their iti credit card with an initial limit of R$ 500. In the campaign, called “Libera Meu Limit”, you must fulfill some tasks and your limit can reach up to R$ 1500.

This is not the first time that the digital bank has sent invitations to campaigns of this type. In a similar promotion, iti released a credit card with an initial limit of R$ 500 after completing all the phases.

1st phase of iti promotion missions

In order to increase your limit, you will need to complete two phases. In this first stage, you can earn more than R$ 300. After finishing the first mission, you will receive the missions of the second phase to increase the value by up to R$ 600.

After completing the missions, the deadline for your limit to increase is up to 10 business days. The time to complete all missions is two invoices. It is important to point out that, even if you complete all the missions, you will receive just enough to reach up to R$ 1500. In other words, the amount received will depend on the limit that already exists in your account.

According to the information sent to customers, you must:

  • Spend at least R$ 15 on purchases on the next invoices (purchases in installments work as one);
  • Pay the full amount of the invoices on time;
  • Keep the name clean during this time, without any restrictions;
  • To follow all the missions of the “Libera Meu Limit” campaign, access the iti Itaú app.

How does Itaú’s digital bank work?

Iti also works as a digital wallet, just like the PicPay app and other options on the market. Therefore, it becomes a safer way to make payments, since there is no need to expose your bank details.

Here are the advantages of having an iti account:

  • Zero annuity;
  • Second copy of the card with a fee of R$ 9.90;
  • One free digital withdrawal per month – fee of R$ 6.90 for the others;
  • Fee of R$ 12 for withdrawals by card;
  • Virtual card, for online and physical purchases;
  • Card in Braille;
  • Online subscriptions: watch series and listen to music without ads;
  • Register the card for payments in delivery and transport apps;
  • Credit card accepted in any machine;
  • Payment by approach;
  • Physical card without numbers.

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