Jojo Todynho’s husband curses Nego Di after the comedian mocks the singer: ‘Pig! Deserves to be arrested’ – Entertainment

Lucas Souza, husband of Jojo Todynho, cursed and threatened to sue Nego Di, on Wednesday night (14), after the comedian mocked the body of the winner of The Farm 12.

“I’m nervous. I can’t believe that ridiculous nonsense of Nego Di. Man, you’re really shit, you’re really good **. Look how absurd! How does a person put this on the internet, a video mocking the body of a woman. Who are you?”, he said visibly upset.

“If Jojo doesn’t sue you, I’ll sue you, because you’re a ridiculous, idiot, who’s already canceled and has to keep getting canceled on the internet. Never do that, you deserve a process, you fatphobic, you deserve to be arrested. you do it in front of me, I’ll kick the ass. Disgusting, pig,” he continued.

In the video for Nego Di, to which the Army officer refers, the comedian makes fun of a photo of a magazine cover that Jojo made recently, inspired by the Disney movie. The Little Mermaid.

“You know I can’t look at these things and not talk, or get in trouble. Why are Brazilians so disgusting, man? It ruins all the things, mixes up all the stories. Everyone’s there, Little Mermaid, Pinocchio, Geppetto Can’t you see? Are you blind? Everyone is there, she swallowed everyone”, said Nego Di about the singer.

Lucas accused the influencer of discrimination. “There is no opinion when this opinion of yours mistreats, mistreats or is prejudiced against a person. He mocked the magazine cover that Jojo made and has a reference to the little mermaid. My wife is a black person, outside the standard of thinness and represents many women She doesn’t care about beauty standards because she always says that her standard is herself. He was prejudiced”, he countered.

Finally, the soldier asked all fans to report and block the comedian’s profile.

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