José Dumont, Globo actor, is arrested on suspicion of pedophilia

The actor, known for several successful works, was arrested in the act for possessing child pornographic images.

José Dumonta well-known soap opera actor, was arrested this Thursday afternoon, the 15th. Luiz Bacci, from Cidade Alerta, on Record, was the one who gave the news live on the station.

According to the information released, the famous is suspected of the crime of pedophilia. He would have been caught red-handed by the police, carrying child pornographic images, as has been said.

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Also according to information from Luiz Bacci, José Dumont would also be accused of abusing a 12-year-old child. The presenter also showed an image of the veteran already at the police station.

The journalist pointed out that, although the platinum actress is not responsible for the crime, the artist is still hired by the group and has made projects for the streamings. He is even in the cast of the soap opera Todas as Flores, from GloboPlay.

José Dumont (Photo: Publicity)

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José Dumont collects successful works. Among them, the novels Nos Tempos do Imperador, Velho Chico, Pantanal and the series Sob Pressão.

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José Dumont
José Dumont acted in several soap operas and is in the cast of the plot of Todas as Flores, by GloboPlay (Photo: Reproduction)

New phase of Globo

Since last year, Globo has been facing a series of changes. All of them hit both journalism and the entertainment sector.

Several portfolios were written off and countless professionals were fired, especially the older ones, who received a veritable fortune in salary. According to a statement from the broadcaster itself, the intention is to reduce the budget.

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