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Civil police officers who carried out the search and seizure in the apartment of actor José Dumont, 72, found about 240 files of child pornography, totaling 98 megabytes, including photos and videos, on a computer and on the actor’s cell phone. Some of the files show sex scenes between 8-11 year olds, and there are also photos of babies.

The artist was arrested in the act, this Thursday (15), did not pay the bail of R$ 40 thousand arbitrated in police headquarters and will undergo a custody hearing.

When asked about the images by the agents, the actor said that he “only carried out research on usual platforms, stating that the research is exclusively intended for a study for the future realization of a work on the subject, without taboos or filters and that such research is necessary to exercise their profession”, says the case report, to which the Sheet had access.

Also according to the police, the actor said that he “extracted all the images from the internet” and that he “does not participate in groups with exchanges of pornographic child images”. He also denied having photographed, filmed, bought or sold such material.

His defense, from Arthur Lavigne Advogados Associados, was sought by the report and did not respond until the report was published.

One of the images found shows the penetration of a man’s penis into a boy and was found on his cell phone. “It is verified that the aforementioned image is in the camera folder, which indicates the possibility that it was produced by the camera of the seized device”, pointed out a police officer, in a document. The images will undergo forensics, to try to confirm the suspicion.

Another video, which contains sex between a group of boys, a police officer pointed out that “due to the quality of the images, it is possible to perceive that it is a film made from a computer screen or similar device”.

Dumont was scheduled to play a child explorer in the soap opera “All Flowers”, Globoplay’s first original production. According to the synopsis, the character shelters begging children on an abandoned bus where he lives.

“In light of the reported facts, Globo took the decision to remove him from the telenovela. The suspicion of pedophilia is serious. No abusive and criminal behavior is tolerated by the company, even if it occurs in the personal lives of contractors and third parties who have any relationship,” the broadcaster said.

In another excerpt from the police report, an agent points out the possibility that the actor shared the images via a messaging app.

“[…] It is child pornography, with the image of a prepubescent child showing his male genital organ being found. It should be noted that the aforementioned video is located in the folder called ‘restore’, indicating that the file in question may have been restored or is in a folder intended for this purpose. It is also noted that due to the ‘.mp4’ format it is possible that the file was created by sharing the message exchange application.”

The search and seizure of electronics at the actor’s house took place after a court order based on an investigation that investigates the suspicion of rape of a vulnerable 12-year-old. At the scene, an image of a bank deposit in the amount of R$ 1,000 held in the victim’s account that gave rise to the police action was found.

In the ongoing investigation, according to the Civil Police, the suspect would have used the prestige of being an actor to attract the teenager, who would be his fan.

“He developed a close relationship offering financial help and gifts, taking advantage of the victim’s financial vulnerability, to then make advances with kisses on the mouth and intimate caresses that ended up being captured by surveillance cameras, initiating investigations”, he said. delegate Marcello Maia, holder of Dcav, in a note.

The actor will undergo a custody hearing at the José Frederico Marques prison, in Benfica, north of Rio de Janeiro.

He spent the night there, after being arrested for the crime provided for in article 241-B of the ECA (Child and Adolescent Statute) which refers to “acquiring, possessing or storing, by any means, photography, video or any other form of record that contains an explicit or pornographic sex scene involving a child or adolescent”. The penalty for the offense is imprisonment of up to four years and a fine.

Who is Jose Dumont?

Dumont was born in Bananeiras, Paraíba. Among his works, he acted in “Abril Despedaçado” (2001), by Walter Salles; “Lúcio Flávio – the Passenger of Agony” (1977), by Hector Babenco; and “Gaijin – The Paths of Freedom” (1980), by Tizuka Yamasaki.

With “O Homem que Virou Suco” (1981), by João Batista de Andrade, he received the award for best actor at the Gramado and Brasília festivals. At the 1985 Havana Film Festival, he was the best actor for three films: “O Baiano Fantasma”, “Avaeté”, and “Tigipió”.

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