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Jade Picon fails a theoretical test at driving school: ‘I wasn’t born to drive’ — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“I’m not good at directing anything,” she said desolately.

But, calm down, future driver! You were not the first nor will you be the only one to take a bomb in the test, which is not easy. See more famous people who knocked down the goal and took time to parade behind the wheel of their cars.

Grazi Massafera — Photo: Reproduction Instagram

In the past, Grazi Massafera did not pass the first practical test. She re-enrolled in driving school, took all her classes again and rocked it! With patience and concentration, go!

Grazi told how he decided to get his driver’s license at the Caldeirão: “I saw a lady driving next to me and I was in a taxi”.

Grazi is terrified in a car — Photo: TV Globo

Thankfully Justin bieber you don’t need a car to get around and you have a jet to call your own. The Rock in Rio sensation told in his autobiography that he took a while to get his license and was very upset about failing the theoretical driving test.

At the time, he had to postpone the debut behind the wheel of the zero km car he won from rapper Usher.

Justin Bieber — Photo: Disclosure

According to columnist Ancelmo Gois, Bruna Marquezine, in 2016, also failed the test.

Bruna Marquezine — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Giovanna Lancellotti confesses to having failed the driving test 7 times. She revealed in Family Size that she thought it was even an instructor stalking and decided to take it somewhere else.

As a 21st birthday gift from her friend Caio Castro, she got a big car. There is no greater incentive to drive!

Giovanna Lancelloti loves to wear earrings — Photo: TV Globo

the influencer Thomas Santana lags behind the actress by a little. He failed five times and made a video crying. “I’m devastated. I don’t know if it’s something personal with the DETRAN with me. Do I have to enter the Book of Records? I entered the goal quickly, right. I thought it would work, I woke up early to win”, he lamented in tears.

Thomas Santana — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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