King Charles III is booed during visit to Wales | World

This visit to Wales was the last leg of a series of trips to the four nations that make up the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) to recognize his status as the new monarch and head of state and to greet the public. mourning the loss of Elizabeth.

The Prime Minister of Wales had already announced that political demonstrations against the monarchy would be allowed during the King’s visit. In addition to the boos, there were also shouts of support for the new monarch.

Wales holds special significance for the new king, who for five decades held the title of Prince of Wales.

“His passion and affection for Wales has been clear,” said his spokesperson. “He demonstrated a lifelong commitment to the people of the country.”

Despite this, the region has political autonomy and registers a distance from the British crown.

A protester holds a poster with a picture of Charles reading “not my king” in front of Cardiff Castle, Wales.

King Charles III waves to the audience in front of Cardiff Castle, Wales — Photo: REUTERS/Molly Darlington

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