King Charles III uses his own pen after previous frustrations – News

King Charles III decided to take his own pen to a cathedral in Wales on Friday after being frustrated by previous accidents that left his hand covered in ink.

The monarch and Queen Consort Camilla visited the capital Cardiff and attended a religious event in honor of Queen Elizabeth II at Llandaff Cathedral.

At the end of the ceremony, the couple were invited to sign a guest book to mark their first time in the country as king and queen consort.

Charles III then took a fountain pen from his jacket and calmly signed the book “Charles R”, for “R” means Rex, king in Latin. Then the monarch passed the book and pen to Camilla, who signed “Camilla R” just below.

After putting the pen back in his pocket, Charles walked down a corridor and out of the cathedral, where the crowd greeted him with applause.

After the ink from the pen he used at Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland leaked, the British monarch revolted.

“Oh, God. I hate this. I can’t stand this damn thing. Every time this,” he said to Camilla as he tried to wipe his ink-stained fingers.

Viewers quickly commented on social media when they realized he had brought his own pen.

“Charles brought his own pen to Wales. Obviously a fast learner,” said one user.

“Love how King Charles the 3rd brought his own pen this time after the ‘leak pen incident’ in Northern Ireland. God bless him,” wrote another.

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King Charles III is received at Cardiff Castle with boos from protesters against the monarchy

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