Melão woman defends MC Créu after fight with Strawberry: “Provem”

Renata Frisson, the Melon Woman, came out in defense of MC Créu after controversy with Ellen Cardoso, the Strawberry Shortcake

This Wednesday (14th), Renata Frissonknown as Melon womandecided to defend the MC Créu after controversy with Ellen Cardosoa Strawberry Shortcakein The Farm 14.

The former dancer gave an interview to Central Splashof UOLpraising the Paiol participant saying he had a great professional relationship with the funk singer.

“DJ Créu always treated me very well, with a lot of respect. I only have good things to say about him, he was even the one who introduced the fruit woman to the world, so I think we have to be super grateful to him”, said the dancer.

The Melão Woman confessed not to know this story among her former co-workers, but she said she was rooting for the funk singer.

“My supporters are for him, until proven otherwise. The experience I had with him was very positive. Créu is a person who runs after, works. He is super creative, I like him a lot”, she declared.


Dayane Cristinawho became known as Mulher Jaca, spoke on the afternoon of this Wednesday (14) about the accusations made by Mc Créu about Small strawberry at the storeroom in The Farm 14. Outraged by the words she heard coming out of the famous’s mouth, she came out in defense of her former groupmate.

“Who is following A Fazenda and is seeing this Moranguinho and Créu bullshit? Guys, if fruit women open their mouths, it won’t work. #dadinhodocreu. Guys, poor thing. All the women left because they have bad character. He is holy”she began in her Instagram stories.

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