Minibar with 30 Heineken beers is a scam

Once again, Heineken is the bait for virtual scams. This time, around the time of Oktoberfest — a beer festival that takes place in several cities in October — a fake promotion is already circulating on WhatsApp, allegedly offering a mini fridge with 30 bottles of the company’s beers for those who take a quick test online.

The scam is titled “Heineken Oktoberfest 2022 Promotion”. If the person provides any personal data in the form, cybercriminals can use it for illicit practices. The tactic is known as phishing (fraudulent messages to obtain sensitive information such as card numbers, documents and passwords), one of the most common on the internet.

On Twitter, a man reported having followed all the steps and went to charge Heineken for not yet having received the alleged fridge full of beer. The company itself responded to the tweet, warning that it does not take any such action through WhatsApp and that it does not actively request data from people.

In the fake page of the gift, real images of Heineken products and its logo are used, but we can see errors in Portuguese and style, such as wrong accents, capital letters and strange words. A not-so-well-done hit.

This is not the first time that Heineken has been involved in messages to deceive the unsuspecting of the virtual world. In 2020, a coup with green beer reached 159 thousand people, using another theme of social relevance: “stay at home”, from the pandemic.

Avoid falling for scams with 5 quick tips

In order not to fall for scams that use messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and Messenger, and not spread them to more people, take the necessary precautions:

  • Do not click on links received in messages;
  • Check the company’s official website for the veracity of the information;
  • Be wary of gifts, giveaways and big discounts;
  • Do not enter your personal data or make payments if you are not sure that the page is real and secure;
  • Do not share the message or the website if you are not sure of its veracity.

Also know other common scams that cybercriminals usually apply and how to protect yourself from each of them.

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