Multichampion, Renan starts his career as a coach in SC

Renan is a name marked in Inter’s history. Goalkeeper present in the champion group of the 2006 Libertadores and the Club World Cup against Barcelona, ​​holder in the conquest of the 2010 Libertadores, in addition to other remarkable moments in the red trajectory, today at 37 he no longer defends the goal of any team. But that doesn’t mean he’s far from the pitch, or from success. Coach of the Under-17 team at Barra, from Balneário Camboriú, in Santa Catarina, he is preparing to decide the State Championship of the category against Chapecoense.

“This idea of ​​continuing in football had been maturing for some time. The first step was to look for courses to make this possible. I enrolled in the CBF B License for coaches. So, I started in the online module during the pandemic and continued playing football. Until it arrived the moment of practical classes, in March of this year, and it also coincided with the final of Catarinense, in my last club as a player, which was Marcílio Dias. So, I made the decision to dive in and seek more and more knowledge and try, through internship and jobs, to get a job in this area. That’s where it came about within Barra, when I did the License B internship, an opportunity as an individual coach, a new sector within the club, and it was my first experience within football, as a coach” , Renan told the UOL Sport.

Renan was a member of Internacional’s base and from an early age he showed his qualities in goal. He was in the winning group of the main titles in the club’s history, became a starter and was then sold to Valencia. In Spain, he also defended Xerez before returning to Inter to win the 2010 Libertadores and remain until 2012. Then he spent five seasons defending Goiás, was in Ceará, São Bento, Esportivo, Pelotas, Paraná, and ended career as an athlete at Marcílio Dias.

“I’ve had this idea for some time. [de ser técnico], after having some injuries when he leaves Goiás and then in Ceará. He couldn’t balance the physical part to go within the high level. I chose to stay within football, understanding that the mental side was still able to play and the opportunities that came to me were already in a lower division scenario. And I continued playing and preparing my head for the moment to stop. I recovered the physical part and went to play Gauchão for Esportivo, new opportunities arose within this level of the market. But I’ve spent more time on understanding the processes, understanding even the routine of these less visible clubs so I don’t just have experiences of the time I had in high-level football, where there are greater values, better structures. So that I could deal with all levels,” he said.

“The truth is that the choice was well made, the process was also in a more gradual and beneficial way for my mental health and to gradually feel more confident to face football now as a coach”, he commented.

Renan guides players from the base of Barra-SC, the club he works for - Disclosure/Barra-SC - Disclosure/Barra-SC
Image: Disclosure/Barra-SC

Barra-SC is his first chance as a coach and right away the success appeared. He has commanded the team since August 2022, in the knockout phase of Catarinense Sub-17. There have been four games so far, with three wins and one draw. Under his command, Pescador (the team’s nickname) scored six goals and conceded three. Now, he prepares for the final of the category, against Chapecoense.

“Within football, I was very lucky. Since my training, the coaches I worked with later managed to find space in professional football. I worked with Julinho Camargo, Lisca, Mano Menezes, Osmas Loss, Guto Ferreira… These experiences, not only professional ones, such as those I had at Inter, with Abel Braga, Tite, Dorival, abroad with Unai Emery, I think they are important for me to visit at some point. the past and reflect on experiences I’ve lived, how they approached”, he said.

“Above all about group management, because we know that the idea of ​​football is very personal. We can see the game and each person will have a different view of what to do, of decision-making. But of managing people, of being as straight as possible, as transparent as possible and try to understand the player as well, I think that all this combined with the experience as an athlete, of knowing how to put myself in their place in these more difficult moments or in the positive moment, knowing how to keep the player within the focus, that It will bring me a more positive experience to make these decisions and make less mistakes”, he added.

Today, Renan believes he was influenced by the great coaches he worked with and learned lessons from his experiences as an athlete. As in the victory over Barcelona in the 2006 Club World Cup, and the defeat in the semi-final of the same tournament, in 2010, to Mazembe.

“I think I’ve had several influential coaches in my career. Today we have big names in Brazilian football, not only national coaches, but also foreign ones. I think the most important thing is to try not to copy anyone, it’s to try to create my game model, my ideas, my ways of leading and also of sharing with the rest of the technical commission, that we know that it is very important to have a multidisciplinary team and to participate in these decisions. But Abel Braga, Muricy, Tite himself are coaches that impacted me in the way of thinking about the game, in the way of preparing games, of being detailed about the opponent. So, these are names that I will always take into account when thinking about work and even thinking about how I will face an opponent”, explained.

“Both in victory and in defeat, you have to know how to balance the reasons why you won, the reasons why you lost. I think that in both moments you learn lessons. At the Worlds, we could have suddenly focused more, prepared ourselves even more for the World Cup. And the two show the strength of the group. When we didn’t expect so much, against Barcelona, ​​we did it. And when we expected more, we ended up disappointing. But I think I always try to see the good side, so much in both victory and defeat, and the details that made a difference. We know that this line of results is very tenuous in football. said about learning.

With all the baggage he has acquired throughout his career, he focuses on the search for his first title, even with so little time in his new role, and takes the opportunity to learn more and more until he receives an opportunity in a main team.

Renan celebrates a goal for Barra-SC, a team that trains in the youth categories - Disclosure/Barra-SC - Disclosure/Barra-SC
Image: Disclosure/Barra-SC

“Our team comes, after the July vacation break, in a growing moment, of also understanding the competition, which, now, is a characteristic of decision, of knockout. We are very happy with what we are presenting so far. boys have been doing very well in decisive games. A scenario that we hadn’t experienced before was to lose and, in this last game, we managed to reverse and we didn’t lose the emotional side. And it’s an important factor in a decisive game. But we know that we are going to face Chapecoense, which is a strong team within the formation, a traditional team in Santa Catarina football and has all the responsibility, let’s say, to reach this final and be protagonist. boys also enjoy this moment, but we know that we have enough quality to face Chape in two good games and seek the title”, he said.

“I chose the path of working at the base to prepare myself well, to understand the processes of football. The club side regarding requirements, from a simple report to the way to behave and the connections of meetings and exchanges of information. No I’m in a hurry to get to the professional, but I’m trying to create my method. I evaluate myself every day to correct the things I need to improve as quickly as possible. For when I make the decision to jump to the professional and make as little mistakes as possible. Of course we will make a mistake, football is a decision-making area and we will not always be able to have the best understanding of which decision to make and something will happen. But the more I have the experience, the experience of making these decisions , to solve problems, to connect sectors, people in a positive way, it will be important to reach the most prepared professional”, he concluded.

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