Neighbors suspected José Dumont and reported him, police say

Actor of Globo’s soap opera Nos Tempos do Imperador, José Dumont, 72, was arrested in the act by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro, on Thursday (15/9), for storing child pornography and raping a vulnerable person. According to the authorities, the complaints came from neighbors, who already suspected the veteran’s conduct.

The police framed the actor in the crime provided for in article 241-B of the Child and Adolescent Statute (ECA). O metropolises exclusively revealed that the artist used money and fame to abuse a 12-year-old boy.

Dumont was transferred to the Benfica prison, in Rio de Janeiro, where he will remain until the custody hearing.

According to the investigations, the global, detained for rape of a vulnerable person, offered gifts to the victim so that he could kiss her on the mouth and caress her private parts. Everything was filmed by security cameras. The video material gave rise to the investigation.

Also according to information from the police station, Dumont used the prestige of being an actor with more than 40 years of career, with national recognition for his performances in dozens of films, soap operas and series, to attract the attention of the teenager, who was a fan of his.

away from soap opera

In a note sent to metropolises, Globo informs that the actor had a contract for the work and that, given the facts, he was removed from the soap opera. See the full:

“Actor José Dumont was hired as the right work specifically for the soap opera Todas as Flores, to be shown on Globoplay. In view of the reported facts, Globo made the decision to remove him from the soap opera. The suspicion of pedophilia is serious. No abusive and criminal behavior is tolerated by the company, even if it occurs in the personal lives of contractors and third parties that have any relationship with it”, says the text.

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