Operators say they are ready to release 5G technology Monday in Campo Grande

It’s official, 5G is coming to Campo Grande. Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) announced that 5G technology will be available from Monday (19) and operators Claro, Vivo and Tim say they are prepared to release the signal faster and more efficiently to their customers.

According to Anatel, operators have until November 28, when the obligation provided for in the public notice expires, to have at least 11 5G stations activated in Campo Grande. Questioned by Mediamax newspaperthe operators did not inform about the stations, the number of antennas or the neighborhoods covered.

What operators say

TIM states that it is prepared to start commercial operation of the 5G SA network (standalone) in Campo Grande next Monday (19), following the authorization of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), granted on Wednesday afternoon ( 14) at a meeting of the Monitoring Group for the Implementation of Solutions for Interference Problems in the 3,625 to 3,700 MHz band (Gaispi).

Claro says it has the structure ready to activate the 5G+ network in Campo Grande and is awaiting the official release of spectrum use by Anatel and Gaispi. “5G+ is an enabling technology that, in addition to providing more speed for customers in the capital, also enables low latency and high concentration of device traffic.”

The operator also explains that the adoption of 5G+ will not require any contract changes and any customer with a compatible device and in an area covered by the technology can have access to 5G+ without having to change plans or SIM cards.

Vivo said it is ready to activate in the capitals if there is feasibility of releasing radio frequencies.

Cell phones with 5G technology

To have access to 5G, which is the technology that replaces 4G and promises more speed and efficiency in navigation, several steps are necessary. After the release of the signal by Anatel, operators need to prepare in terms of structure to receive and offer the standalone signal. The user, on the other hand, needs a smartphone compatible with 5G and a chip that also supports the technology.

Anatel provides an information panel where it is possible to consult certified and approved 5G smartphones. The agency recommends that before purchasing a cell phone, the customer checks the homologation code stamped on the chassis (or in the product manual) and consults his operator about the compatibility of the product with the network.

When checking if your cell phone model is on the list, it is important to verify that it has SA operation which means compatible with 5G Standalone. In the list of compatibles is, for example, the Xiaomi 12, Motorola Edge 20, iPhone 13, Nokia G50 and Galaxy S21.

Check out the full list AT THIS LINK.

What is the difference between 5G and 5G+?

The DSS frequency is 12 times faster than conventional 4G, has the potential to download 1GB videos in 40 seconds, the caming with realistic and virtual activity, online activity for drones and available in 35 cities. The new 5G is 30 times faster than conventional 4G, downloads 1GB videos in 10 seconds, has the potential for 360° reality in online games, 4k and 8k streaming and robotization of industry and agribusiness.

The fifth-generation mobile technology will reach all 467 cities in the Midwest. According to the notice, municipalities with more than 500 thousand inhabitants will be served until the beginning of 2023 and, gradually, coverage will be extended to the others. The commitments also provide for 5G coverage in 57 locations (which are not municipal headquarters) in the region. Across the country, 5,570 municipalities will be served and over 1,700 locations.

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