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Patrícia Poeta used social networks on Thursday night (15), to speak, for the first time, about the attacks that he has been receiving from the one who took over the ‘Encontro’ program. In an outburst tone, the presenter published a long text on Instagram where she talked about the news that are circulating in the media.. In addition, Poeta stated that he only moved forward, in the face of everything, because he loved his work.

I thought a thousand times if I made this post, because the last thing I want is to give the spotlight to people who propagate evil, hypocritical people, liars, who want to gain audience or clicks, whatever the cost, in a surreal lack of respect. Even before the premiere of the Encounter, I have been bombarded with lies about myself. Every day, a new one”, he began writing.

Poet spoke of the sadness of seeing so many lies about her. “I need to be frank and open with you, as I have always been throughout my life: seeing these people making up stories about me (absurd things, by the way) hurts a lot. I’ve only been moving forward with a smile on my face, at this point in my life, because I love what I do, because I have family and friends who are always close by and because I know what my mission is in this life. My hug to every person who will see me on the show is out of pure gratitude and as sincere as possible. For them and for those who watch me on TV, I had a claw – that even I was unaware of”, she said.

She continued: “For more than 60 days I was silent. I dryly swallowed malicious attacks and unreasonable lies told by irresponsible people. But now enough! Enough! I’m human. I am a woman, a fighter and, honestly, deserving of every conquest so far. Anyone who knows me knows this. After all, it’s been 25 years of working hard, dedicating myself and never hurting anyone. On the contrary”.

Patricia Poet said he doesn’t care about criticism, as long as it’s not lying news. “Dealing with criticism I accept, after all when we put our face on TV, we know this can happen. Now, lies: I can’t stand it. Even because a lie told several times, ends up becoming the truth, even if it is not. Low lies,” he said.

The presenter of ‘Encontro’ said she was grateful to be where she was and next to her teammates. “If I can give you one piece of advice from this experience: don’t stone someone without knowing who they really are. I can say with all my heart that I am grateful to be where I am and with the people who are with me. My partners, our team, a group united for a greater good: the public”.

And she concluded: “I end here by reminding you that we women are capable of getting wherever we want, leaving behind those who diminish us, try to belittle our achievements or prevent us from reaching further.
To my co-workers and the public, once again, thank you very much. Together we are stronger, in this chain of good. To liars: I wish no harm, no. I only wish that they never fall victim to the harm they cause. It’s very painful.”

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