Paula Fernandes comments on rumors of romance with Roberto Carlos

singer Paula Fernandes
Reproduction/Instagram – 09.08.2022

singer Paula Fernandes

Paula Fernandes was taking her first steps in her career when she was invited by Roberto Carlos himself to participate in his end-of-the-year special, in 2010. At the time, she was a young 26-year-old singer, with a song playing non-stop on the soap opera soundtrack of the six “Paradise”. Her partnership with the King not only catapulted her to success, it also sparked rumors of a romance between the two.

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“In the middle, people were already talking about me. My music played all the way through, every day in the soap opera, and no one knew how I looked. Then, I was introduced by Roberto Carlos: ‘look, guys, this is Paula Fernandes’ “He believed in me, and that’s priceless. The bad language says he wanted to have an affair with the singer. That’s what I heard. Maybe the explanation was because it was a woman on stage next to a man.” People romanticize and want a fairy tale. It was just a man like him, believing in an artist. If I wasn’t anyone, I wouldn’t have lasted a year.

The performance alongside the King would not only be marked by rumors of romance, but also by the outfit used by the singer, a short blue dress, which was not even chosen by her.

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“I actually wanted to wear red. I’m abused, but I know I couldn’t. Then they chose a blue dress, very short, for me. But there was a change of plans and we had to sing while sitting down because Roberto was in pain. Crossing my legs in that dress was harder than singing for almost eight minutes next to him. But I knew I could be there. If he chose me, it’s because I deserve it and I’m going to do it right.”

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