Paula Fernandes comments on rumors of romance with Roberto Carlos

Paula Fernandes, 38, opened up about rumors that she had had a romance with Roberto Carlos, 81. The singer said that people invented an affair between the two after she performed with the king.

In the interview with the podcast “Papo com Clê”, the singer talked about the beginning of her artistic career, when she was invited by the king himself to participate in his end-of-year special, in 2010. At the time, Paula was 26 years old and had a song which was part of the soundtrack of TV Globo’s six o’clock soap opera, “Paraíso”.

With the partnership between the two, in addition to the success, there were also rumors that they would be having an affair with the king. “The Roberto Carlos issue was very important because in the middle people were already talking about me. My entire song practically, every day in the soap opera, and no one knew the face I had and who sang. by Roberto Carlos: ‘look, guys, this is Paula Fernandes’. He believed in me, and that’s priceless. The bad language says he wanted to have an affair with Paula Fernandes. That’s what I heard”, said .

The singer went on to say that people wished there was a fairy tale between the two that had confirmed an affair between the singers. “It’s the fact of being a woman on stage next to a man. People romanticize and want a fairy tale. It was simply a man phenomenon that is him, signing down to a work he believed in. If I weren’t anybody , it wouldn’t have lasted a year. And here I am,” he added.

On the day of recording with Roberto Carlos, there was a change of plan and, therefore, Paula was in a snooker with the costume chosen for her to perform next to the king.

“There was a change of plan on stage, because he was in a lot of pain. I don’t know if he was suffering from sciatica. I was wearing a very short dress, it wasn’t a dress I had decided on. The people had decided it was blue , and I’m such a personality that I actually wanted to wear red. I’m abused, but I know I couldn’t. Backstage I was told I had to sing sitting down, and I just looked down. Crossing my legs with that dressed was harder than singing nearly eight minutes of potpourri next to him,” he said.

During the chat, she commented on being next to important artists and how she faced it throughout her career. “I’ll tell you what I do every time I’m next to a great idol. I’m first and foremost an admirer, but if he chose me to be here, it’s because I can and will be able to do it. I’ve also been asked how was being around Taylor Swift and Shania Twain. They’re icons, but I’m going to do it right, right. You have to honor being there,” he said.

In the case of Taylor, Paula said that the American invited her to participate in the project, the two made the clip remotely and she came to Brazil to be presented. “It was amazing to be by her side. If I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m on Taylor Swift’s side or I’m on King Roberto Carlos’ side, suddenly I wouldn’t be able to offer everything I had”, he said.

At another point, Paula vented that she would have liked to have enjoyed the peak of her career more. “I didn’t enjoy it a little, I wish I had enjoyed the height of success. These things that I manage to do, the balance I seek, she’s asked me for a few years, but it was impossible, many people. In work I never drink. on stage drunk. At most, stay happy and know how to stop. On stage I felt fulfilled, that was the best place in the world”, she pointed out.


Paula also recalled a time in her life when she was depressed and told about her mother’s role in the process. According to the country singer, her mother saved her.

“When I was almost 18 it was enough. It was a milestone for us. I went into depression and chose the window I was going to jump out of. My mom saved me. ‘If you jump before I’ll jump with you because I can’t stand it be without you’. It was like that”, he recalled.

Paula Fernandes moved to São Paulo at age 11, looking to start her career as a singer. But she didn’t get what she wanted. With that, she and her mother returned to Belo Horizonte. After her mother separated, she saw a fresh start in her life.

For her, things started to get better after she assumed she was sick. “It was chemical and I needed to see a psychiatrist, and it wasn’t crazy. I was sick. I was shivering on the couch all day,” she added.

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