rectification changes the number of vacancies offered; understand!

It was published in the Official Gazette of the Union of this Friday (16/9), the document of rectification of the INSS contest (National Social Security Institute). The main change made concerns the number of vacancies for some Executive Managements (GEX). Now, with the change made, the event now offers 3,373 opportunities (between immediate + reserve registration)!

As provided by the document, the vacancy table was changed for the Managements of: Rio Branco, Manaus, Macapá, Distrito Federal, Anápolis, Goiânia, Campo Grande, Dourados, Cuiabá, Sinop, Belém, Santarém, Porto Velho, Boa Vista and Palmas .

courses for this contests

Check out how the vacancies for the aforementioned GEX were:

INSS contest rectification

With the rectification of the vacancies, the number of calls for biopsychosocial assessment, heteroidentification procedure, in addition to the limit of approved, also underwent changes. Check it out below:

INSS contest
INSS contest

As shown in the image above, the maximum number of approved people was changed. The number was reduced from 3,385 vacancies to 3,373 opportunities!

The rectification document also informed the cities where the objective tests were carried out in the state of Santa Catarina (information that was not made available in the INSS tender notice). Look:

INSS contest

It is also worth noting that the program content has also undergone a small change! Instead of charging knowledge in LibreOffice, the public notice will require knowledge in the Office package. Check out:

INSS contest

Check out the changes made to the INSS contest!

INSS contest overview

It is important to emphasize once again that with the changes made to the vacancies table, the opportunities of the event were reduced to 3,373 vacancies.

Registration opens this Friday (10/16) and can be done on the Cebraspe portal (selection organizing board). Interested parties may apply until October 3, 2022. The registration fee is R$ 85.00.

The applicant’s starting salary will be BRL 5,905.79 and objective tests will be applied on November 27, 2022!

Check out all the details of the call for proposals here!


  • Organizing bank: Cebraspe
  • Position offered: Social Security Technician
  • Education: middle level
  • Salaries: starting BRL 5,905.79
  • Vacancies: 3,373
  • Registration fee: BRL 85.00
  • Registrations: 9/16 to 10/3
  • Objective evidence: 11/27
  • Check the notice

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