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The return of Renato Portaluppi, on September 5, caused numerous changes in Grêmio, but not only on the field. The idol’s return impacted the club’s communication and product sales.

Tricolor recorded an increase in membership and interactions on social networks, as well as record sales in the store on a single day of the year.

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The victory against Vasco by 2 to 1, at the Arena, last Sunday, marked the re-debut of the Grêmio idol on the edge of the field. On that same day, GrêmioMania in the stadium had the highest sales volume in a physical store in a single day throughout 2022.

Grêmio shirt with the patch from Renato’s debut game — Photo: Lucas Uebel/Disclosure/Grêmio

Grêmio has a series of actions for each home game called “Alentaço”. For this match, the patch on the shirt of this action alluded to Renato’s return and connection with the crowd. In the drawing, the phrase: “again, both of us”, stamped on the shirt, cups and other products sold at the club store.

His (Renato) return helped sales in stores, partners and connection with fans inside the stadium, which is very important.

— Beto Carvalho, marketing executive at Grêmio

The hiring of the technician also resulted in a growth in the number of adhesions to the membership. In nine days, since its arrival in Porto Alegre, there were around 1,200 new members. In the same nine days prior to the idol’s return, there were about 300 new members.

In addition, the news of Renato Portaluppi’s return also caused an uproar on social media. The ge contacted Tricolor’s marketing executive, Beto Carvalho, who pointed out a 50% increase in interactions on the club’s official social media profiles.

Renato greets the crowd after winning against Vasco da Gama — Photo: Lucas Uebel/Disclosure/Grêmio

On Wednesday, it was released Gremio’s third kitin sky blue, in honor of Uruguay, in a campaign of the sports supplier in allusion to the 2022 World Cup. According to Beto Carvalho, the sale of the new shirt is “spectacular”.

This Thursday, the club also launched a new type of association, specifically for fans between 12 and 17 years old, the “Youth Membership”, which will have a discount from 50% on the value. The monthly fee is R$15.

These changes illustrate well the “Renato effect” also outside the four lines. The figure of the coach changed the mood of the team, which in its re-debut won the first victory at the turn of the year. However, the idol also brings financial benefits to the club with these positive consequences in the marketing and sales of products.

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