Roberta Miranda will end up in hospital after acrobatics in sex

Roberta Miranda talks with Fábio Porchat (Reproduction GNT)

Roberta Miranda talks with Fábio Porchat (Reproduction GNT)

Roberta Miranda shared an unusual accident he suffered during sex. The singer explained that she went to hug the person on a motel bed when she ended up hitting her head hard.

“There are some terrible stories, but one I don’t forget. I went to have a wonderful date at the motel. When I got there, my enthusiasm was so great that I jumped on the bed to hug the person. I hit my head on a corner, and it ended up right there.” , she told the podcast “Can I Send Audio?”, by Dani Calabresa.

Then Roberta went to the emergency room and got some stitches on her head. “I had to go to the hospital, I still have these stitches in my head. The lust ended immediately, the thing got really ugly, so I decided to leave”.

The singer also recalled a sex that ended with an allergic reaction due to hives. “When I was very young, I caught a guy, Zezinho, in the middle of the woods. After we were done, he took a leaf to clean the peep peep. He screamed so much, that when I looked at that red thing, swelling, looking the head of a snake, I ran away. He couldn’t close the zipper because the train was huge. Another frustration, another breakup”, he laughed.

“Silly Hand” by Rita Lee

Roberta Miranda used social media in January 2021 to remember an unusual moment with the hashtag ‘#TBT’. The singer shared a click where she appears sitting on Rita Lee’s lap, giving her a kiss on the cheek as she gropes her breasts. Rita’s surprised look is also featured in the photo.

“Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Rita Lee. In the lap of this one I admire so much! If only my breasts could talk”, wrote Roberta, joking with her fellow singer. The photo brings a moment of a TV Globo report and the station’s microphone also appears.

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