Sérgio Camargo loses action against Martinho da Vila – 09/15/2022 – Illustrated

Sérgio Camargo, former president of Fundação Palmares and candidate for federal deputy for São Paulo, lost his lawsuit against Martinho da Vila, after the singer called him a “black with a white soul”.

The statement was given in an interview with TV Cultura’s Roda Viva program last year. On the occasion, Martinho criticized the direction of the foundation, which would have been “created to deal with issues of black culture”, but which is now commanded by “Camargo, a radical bolsonarista”.

“He’s a black man with a white soul, as they say,” he continued. “On the hard side, he’d like to be white. He thinks he’s white. He feels white.

In the action, the candidate requested the withdrawal of the interview from the internet and also a compensation of R$ 20 thousand for moral damages.

Also in August of this year, the 18th Civil Court of Brasília had already denied the former manager’s request. Now, the Federal District Court of Justice has ratified the decision of the first degree and has dismissed Camargo’s appeal. The information was published by Ancelmo Gois, from Globo, and confirmed by Sheet.

The now candidate expressed himself on Twitter after the TJ’s decision. “I was racially assaulted by Martinho da Vila. I sued him for that, but I lost. I conclude that the Justice understood that, because he is black on the left, he has a safe-conduct to commit racial offenses. Thus, another jabuticaba appears in our legal system. legal system: protected racism,” he said.

Camargo said at the time of the interview that Martinho had injured his honor and, when showing the part of the petition with which he intended to sue the Court, he highlighted an alleged sentence attributed to actor Morgan Freeman, in which the artist would dismiss the importance of a black conscience — or white, or yellow—in favor of a human conscience capable of ending racism.

“In the epigraph of the action (being finalized), Morgan Freeman’s teaching that racist blacks on the left need to learn”, Camargo said on social media, shortly after the interview given by the artist.

The phrase, which has already been posted by Camargo on other occasions on social media and usually comes up on Black Consciousness Day on right-wing profiles, however, was not said exactly in these words by Freeman. The actor’s statement refers to an interview he gave in 2006 to Mike Wallace, on the CBS network’s 60 Minutes.

Asked by the journalist about Black History Month – which takes place in October in the United States -, the actor classified the celebration as “ridiculous”, questioning his restriction to one month. “Black history is American history,” he said. He then states that he imagines the end of racism linked to the end of the differentiation between black and white men. “You don’t say ‘look, that white man named Mike Wallace!'”

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