Suspects of killing winner tried to withdraw R$ 3 million

A failed criminal operation tried to withdraw BRL 3 million from the account of a 2020 Mega-Sena winner, Jonas Lucas Alves Dias, 55, over the nearly two days that the man spent missing. He disappeared when leaving home for a walk, in Hortolândia, in the interior of São Paulo. The criminals managed to steal only R$ 20 thousand from Jonas.

Jonas became a millionaire after winning a single prize of R$ 47.1 million in the Mega-Sena and, according to the police, was kidnapped on Tuesday (13). He was found yesterday on an access road on Rodovia dos Bandeirantes, still alive, but he could not resist his injuries and died.

The criminals responsible for the kidnapping and extortion, who have not yet been identified, managed to withdraw only BRL 20,000 from the victim’s accounts, according to information from the Civil Police: BRL 2,000 in a withdrawal and another BRL 18,000 in a transfer via Pix .

Family members registered Jonas’s disappearance in an electronic police report late Tuesday afternoon, a few hours after the man disappeared, who would have gone out for a walk in the morning carrying only his wallet and documents.

Security camera footage, taken yesterday, showed the moment a car left the man on the side of the road.

The millionaire was rescued by an ambulance from the highway concessionaire and taken to the Mário Covas Hospital, but he could not resist. Doctors found that the victim suffered trauma. cranioencephalic.

Teams of the State Department of Criminal Investigations (deic) in Piracicaba are supporting Hortolândia police officers in the investigation of the crime.

In 2020, Dias took the jackpot in the Caixa lottery after making a simple six-number bet.

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