The Farm 2022: Deolane threatens Deborah in a fight and warns: “I’m going to get arrested”

Lawyer said she will leave the program arrested after assaulting participant

This Thursday (15), the weather warmed up in A Fazenda 2022 between Deolane Bezerra and Deborah Albuquerque. After starring in a shack like that, being among the most talked about topics of the day on Twitter, the widow of MC Kevin (1998-2021) said that she will beat up the ex-Power Couple and that she will be arrested for the reality show. The statement was made in a conversation with Lucas Santos and Alex Galette.

“If I hit, I get arrested. It will be something real. It’s not going to be a little trick, not a little thing”, threatened Deolane, remembering the bucket on Natália Deotado’s head in which Maria was expelled from BBB 22.
“For God’s sake. Season of A Fazenda canceled after a fight between participants”, commented the farmer of the week, Lucas.

The fight between Deolane and Deborah began on Wednesday (14), after the redhead said they came to ask her about an alleged meeting of Deolane with colleagues in confinement before the program started. It was then that the lawyer fired: “Liar, poisonous, very dangerous”.

The climate turned sour at dawn this Thursday (15), Ellen Cardoso, the Strawberry Woman, revealed to Pétala Barreiros that Deborah sought her out and said: “I know things about Pétala’s life that Leo Dias would give anything to know”.

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