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A group of fishermen had a big scare at sea during an expedition to observe mako sharks, in the ocean of the US state of Maine. The animal jumped out of the water and fell into the boat, leaving the crew in despair.

The video, recorded in August of this year by one of the people on the boat, shows the moment when one of the fishermen appears to have caught something with his fishing rod, while another celebrates. Soon after, the shark of about 2 m jumps out of the sea and ends up inside the boat.

Fishermen are desperate, fleeing as quickly as possible. The animal remains on the deck of the vessel, struggling. “A once-in-a-lifetime experience! Fortunately, no one on board was injured,” the boat’s owner said in a post on the Sea Ventures Charters Facebook page.

Makos are one of the fastest fish in the world: they swim at up to 72 km/h and measure around 4 m.

The owner of the boat Lady Anne also told about the fate of the animal. “Surprisingly, the mako was measured, marked, pushed and released,” he said.

Dave Sinclair, the vessel’s captain, told The Post how he and the crew handled the incident: “We’ve dealt with a lot of sharks over the years, but makos are special. They tend to act wild and crazy.”

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