Ukraine finds ditch with 440 bodies buried, blames Russia

posted on 09/16/2022 06:00 / updated on 09/16/2022 06:34

  (credit: Presidency of Ukraine/Disclosure)

(credit: Presidency of Ukraine/Disclosure)

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky announced yesterday the discovery of yet another “mass grave”, this time in Izyum – a city reconquered by his country’s soldiers from the hands of Russian occupiers during the counteroffensive in Kharkiv (east). “We want the world to know what the Russian occupation causes,” said Zelensky, who did not provide details on the number of dead bodies at the site or the cause of death. “We will have more information verified and clear tomorrow,” he added, in his daily video message.

However, Sergui Botvinov, chief of police for the Kharkiv region, told Sky News that 440 dead bodies were discovered in Izyum. “I can say it’s one of the biggest graves in a liberated city. There are about 400 bodies buried in one place.” When asked by journalists how the people died, he replied: “We know that some of them were executed, others died from artillery fire. Some from bombing. We have reports that many bodies have not been identified, and the reasons for the deaths will be clarified during the investigations.”

In an interview with Mail, Anatoliy Tkach, charge d’affaires at the Embassy of Ukraine in Brasilia, described the information about what happened in Izyum as “shocking”. “It is not possible, without much pain, to receive such sad news. We have seen images similar to those taken by Russian barbarians, for example, in Bucha and in other cities in the vicinity of the Ukrainian capital, where bodies of the 1,360 dead civilians have been found so far. . Everywhere that suffered the Russian occupation, the occupiers left the same traces: killed and tortured civilians, destruction of civilian infrastructure and theft of everything within reach,” he said. “All war crimes are being documented and investigated to bring those responsible to justice.”

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