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This Wednesday (14), it was announced that the film The People’s Jokera satire of the Batman universe, has just been removed from the official lineup of the Toronto International Film Festival, the TIFF. The news was given a few hours after the film made its debut, in an early morning session from Tuesday to Wednesday.

According to The Hollywood Reporterthe film – which features its own version of Gotham City and Batman to tell the story of a trans comedian who wants to join a comedy show – has been removed from the schedule via an official announcement on the festival’s website:

“The filmmaker withdrew her film [do festival] due to legal problems. We apologize for any inconvenience. Ticket purchasers will receive an email from TIFF customer service with purchase information.”

It is worth remembering that, according to US law, works that parody other artistic productions are not barred by copyright regulation and do not fall within plagiarism or copyright infringement.

The film also has satires of other villains in the DC Universe, such as Bane.

In the plot, a “wannabe clown with unresolved questions about his own gender must face a fascist version of the Hooded Crusader”. described as a coming-of-age – that is, a film about growing up and coming of age – the feature explores issues of gender, sexuality and even parodies the universe of Gotham City.

On Tuesday, the filmmaker Vera Drewwho directed the film, commented on the legal issues and said he knows he’s in a “illegal gray zone… I, Vera Drew, don’t have the rights to the Joker or Batman, but it’s a parody.”

So far, the Warner Bros. and the DC Comics have made no statements about the film’s removal from TIFF – and neither have the filmmakers behind it. The People’s Joker. Despite this, it is possible that the film will still be released digitally in the future, as it is a parody and not an illegal reproduction of these characters.

Check out the teaser for the film below:

No release date yet. The People’s Joker.

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