University of Portugal seeks Brazilians for a management course with up to 100% scholarship; learn how to participate

The Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE Executive Education), a business school located in Lisbon, capital of Portugal, in partnership with Laiob (Latin America Institute of Business), has a lightning selection process of an open week: until September 18, this Sunday, interested parties can apply to participate in the executive course on innovation and leadership in project management, with scholarships of up to 100%.

The boarding will take place in two groups in 2023, one in May (between 7 and 19), with 20 places, and the other in September (between 3 and 15), with 30 places. For May, ISCTE will offer a 100% grant, another 70% and 18 grants of 50%. For September, there will also be a full scholarship, one of 70% and another 28 of 50% of the value of the course offered by the institute.

Founded in 1972, ISCTE is a public university teaching institution located in Portugal, especially focused on postgraduate studies and scientific research. His areas of expertise are business, sociology and public policy, social sciences, technology and architecture.

Laiob, which specializes in short courses for training professionals in Latin America, selects candidates every semester for classes in February and July for US universities and in addition to classes in May and September for this program in Portugal.

How to participate

The selection process to take the course at the college is carried out by Laiob. Among the requirements for participation, the only two rules are that the candidate is studying or has already completed higher education, in addition to being 18 years old.

To apply for the scholarships, candidates must enter the Laiob website and fill in the Application Form. The document asks for some basic information such as personal data, as well as professional and personal questions to explain the reasons for applying.

After the evaluation of “applications”, those approved in the first phase go through a stage of individually scheduled telephone or videoconference interviews. Interviews will take place between September 19 and 30.

The result will be announced on October 3 for the 100% and 70% grants. And for the other partial scholarship opportunities, over the following days, individually via email.

costs involved

The total amount is 6,800 euros (about R$ 35,800). However, as in this Laiob program all successful candidates will have scholarships, the amounts are as follows:

  • 70%: 2,040 euros (about R$ 11,640)
  • 50%: 3,400 euros (about BRL 19,395)

Not included in the scholarship: airfare, health insurance, visa and passport expenses, in addition to the registration fee (90 euros).

How it works

The Innovation and Leadership in Project Management course at ISCTE aims to develop the student’s project management skills, exploring trends for the future of the area and offering planning techniques applied to the context of innovation.

During the classes, topics such as innovation in project management, agile methodologies, design thinking, decision making, data, among others are addressed. Topics such as emotional intelligence, storytelling, leadership and conflict management and critical thinking will also be addressed.

The program serves professionals in strategic positions who work directly with project management; professionals who wish to advance in their careers and want to keep up to date in the context of leadership and project management; and for those looking for new tools to leverage project results.

The program lasts for two weeks and has a total workload of 64 hours, divided between 32 hours of soft skills classes and 32 hours of project management course.

In the morning, students have classes in Soft Skills, socio-emotional skills focused on leadership development, as well as activities and debates on various subjects. In the afternoon, the content is focused on project management topics. Classes take place from Monday to Thursday.

On Friday of the first week, students meet companies in the region that are selected by Laiob and subsequently informed to those approved.

The weekend is free for tours in various regions of Portugal or even Europe. On Thursday of the second week, participants will receive their course completion certificate at a graduation ceremony at the university itself.

Criteria evaluated in the selection process

Check out the main criteria adopted:

  • Professional experience
  • Academic Background
  • life experiences
  • Answers to motivational questions
  • performance in the interview

According to Laiob, socioeconomic issues will not be evaluated in the selection process.

What’s Included in the Experience

  • Afternoon course (4 hours/class per day);
  • Soft Skills classes in the morning (4 hours/class per day);
  • Visit to companies in the region;
  • Breakfast (during the entire program);
  • Lunch in the university cafeterias (during course days);
  • Double accommodation (hotel and/or college dormitory for 12 nights);
  • Graduation dinner and delivery of certificates at the end of the course.

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