Vera Magalhães responds to Damares: ‘Have composure’

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posted on 09/15/2022 19:45 / updated on 09/15/2022 19:45



Journalist Vera Magalhães defended herself from the attacks made by former Minister of Women Damares Alves (Republicans), this Thursday (15/9), during an interview with BandNews Brasília.
Candidate for the Senate, Damares accused Vera of using rape against her.

The former minister said that the journalist “laughed at the rape” suffered by her, and, therefore, it is a “shame on journalism”.

“Do you know what Vera did to me? Vera laughed at my child rape at age 6. Vera cannot do that, she is a woman, who is an influencer. It influences opinions. She said I deserved guava bug music because I was in a guava tree. She knows why I was in the guava tree at age 10 crying and when I tried to commit suicide because I had been savagely raped. Do you think this woman brings any pride to journalism? Laugh at a raped little girl? So, I don’t know what happened to her and Douglas, but Vera is really a disgrace to journalism”, said Damares on the program Gente Brasília.

In an interview with BandNews, the journalist, who has been attacked by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and his supporters, said that Damares’ attack was “serious”.

“In addition to insulting me, she lied. A serious lie. She talks about me, referring to a fact that never happened. She said that I am a disgrace to the country, and this is a sentence by Jair Bolsonaro when answering a asks about vaccines. She says I made fun of the rape she went through. I would never, ever do anything like that,” the journalist said.

Vera explained that she commented on a video that had gone viral on social media, of a testimony by Damares in a church. The video was edited and did not contain the part where the former minister talked about the rape.

“What happened and what the minister knows happened, was the following, on December 12, a video of Damares saying about Jesus had gone viral and we asked for a song. The next day, she went public about the testimony… and then said that she had been abused. Something very terrible. I sympathize. I immediately apologized, said it was inappropriate. So I never, ever, under any circumstances, made fun of a raped child. This is very serious”, continued the journalist.

For Vera, Damares knows that the situation is a “lie”. “Minister have composure. Be respectful. Have respect for your story. I am a mother of two men and I teach them to be respectful, unlike Jair Bolsonaro. This has to stop. A candidate cannot be interviewed and talk about it, about a journalist. This is a wave of violence against me. She has no right to use an interview against me, I apologized. That’s ethics. And I will continue as a journalist even with the moral attacks. The voter of Brasilia does not deserve to be deceived with fake news like this”, concluded the journalist.

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