‘Widow of the Mega-Sena’, murdered pool winners, coup in a funeral home partner: remember crimes against award-winning millionaires | lotteries

This Wednesday (14), a man who had won R$ 47.1 million in Mega-Sena in 2020 died in Hortolândia, in the interior of São Paulo, after being found with signs of beating on the banks of a highway. (see video above). This is the latest case involving lottery winners who, after becoming millionaires, were murdered or scammed.

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The new victim is Jonas Lucas Alves Dias, 55, who went for a walk and disappeared. Criminals tried to withdraw BRL 3 million from his account and withdrew around BRL 20,000 through bank transfers and PIX. Until the last update of this report, no one had been arrested. This Thursday (15), the police confirmed that the millionaire prize motivated the crime.

Remember, below, other cases of scams against Mega-Sena winners:

'Widow of Mega-Sena' was sentenced for the death of her husband: understand the case

‘Widow of Mega-Sena’ was sentenced for the death of her husband: understand the case

In December 2016, Adriana Ferreira, known as the Widow of the Mega-Sena, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for ordering the murder of her partner, former farmer René Senna, who in 2005 had won R$52 million in the Mega-Sena. .

In 2007, René was shot four times in a bar in Rio Bonito, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro. The two killers were discovered and sentenced to 18 years in prison. The prosecution defended the thesis that the duo was paid by Adriana. Investigations pointed out that she planned the murder after her partner discovered that the woman had a lover and threatened to remove her from her will.

Tried in 2011, Adriana was acquitted, but the Public Prosecutor’s Office appealed, and the Court of Justice annulled the trial on the grounds that the jury’s decision was contrary to the evidence presented.

Five years later, she was found guilty by most jurors and sentenced to 20 years in prison. In 2018, 11 years after the crime, she was arrested in Tanguá, in the Metropolitan Region of Rio. In 2021, a decision by the STJ annulled the will that benefited Adriana Ferreira Almeida Nascimento. According to the sentence, she will not retain any part of René’s estate.

Ex-partner scam on 71-year-old man

A 71-year-old man reports having been a victim of a scam after winning the Mega-Sena in Viamão – Photo: Reproduction/RBS TV

In April 2018, Fredolino José Pereira, now 71 years old, collected beer cans on the street and sold them for recycling in Viamão, in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre. Of the R$13 he received, he used R$7 to place two bets on the Mega-Sena. The next day, he became a millionaire by winning a prize of R$10,251,126.97.

In April of this year, he said he was the victim of a scam by an ex-partner at a funeral home and claimed to have lost all his money.

After the complaint, the Civil Police investigated the case and, in August, the judge in the case accepted the Public Ministry’s complaint against the millionaire’s ex-partner and the suspect’s girlfriend. With that, the two became defendants in the process.

Murdered after earning R$39 million

Miguel Ferreira de Oliveira, winner of a R$ 39 million prize from Mega-Sena, was shot dead in a bar in the interior of Ceará – Photo: Facebook/Reproduction

The businessman Miguel Ferreira Oliveira, known in the region do Cariri, Ceará, as a Mega-Sena millionaire, was shot dead in a bar in February 2018, in Campos Sales, about 480 kilometers from Fortaleza. He lived in São Paulo when, in 2011, he won the R$39 million prize in 2011.

In 2019, police arrested a suspect in the crime, 30-year-old Antonio Pedro dos Santos. The following year, he was also shot to death in Campos Sales. His body was found next to another man, who also had gunshot wounds.

Murdered Pool Winners

Arlei Rosa Silva, winner of the Mega Sena in 2007, was found dead in Limeira — Photo: Family collection

In November 2008, 43-year-old Altair Aparecido dos Santos, who the previous year had been one of the winners of the R$ 16 million Mega-Sena prize, was shot dead in Limeira, in the interior of São Paulo, during a barbecue at his farm.

The Mega-Sena prize had been divided among 15 other people who were part of a pool often organized in a bar in the city.

In the incident report, Altair’s widow stated that her husband had been threatened by another man. She mentioned that, in a bar in the municipality, a banner had been placed with the phrase: “Limeira is too small for both of us”.

The crime happened after a controversy involving the division of the prize, since two usual participants of the pool would not have made the payment of the winning ticket and, therefore, ended up receiving a smaller amount than the others. Police did not disclose whether these two people were suspects in the murder.

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