YouTube tests 5 ads instead of 2 before videos

Those who arrived on the internet when everything was bush remember that, in the beginning, there were no ads on YouTube. Time passed and now two advertisements are shown before the videos. Now, Google’s platform tests up to five ads in the free version.

The tests began quietly, this September, with those users who do not subscribe to YouTube Premium. Word of the increase in pre-video ads began to spread as viewers of the service’s videos began to complain on Twitter and Reddit.

Among the reports, users stated that it is not possible to skip the five ads. Obviously, the impossibility of ignoring the ads made viewers angry.

YouTube appCurrently, two ads are displayed before videos on YouTube..

YouTube response

YouTube spoke out on the matter on Twitter and acknowledged that these people may be receiving ads.”bumper“, which are non-skippable and usually last 6 seconds. The platform added that users can send feedback on what they thought of the new feature.

“This can happen with a certain type of ad format called bumper ads, as they are only 6 seconds long. If you wish, you can submit comments directly from YouTube via the comment submission tool,” wrote the official Team profile. YouTube.

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