Engie Brasil (EGIE3) sells thermal plant for BRL 1.8 billion, Cyrela (CYRE3) reduces share in Cury (CURY3) and more

The corporate radar highlights the sale of thermal energy assets of Engie Brasil, the reduction of Cyrela’s share in Cury, information on the health of Petrobras’ CEO and more.

Check out the highlights:

Engie Brasil (EGIE3)

The company signed a contract for the sale of the Pampa Sul thermoelectric plant to Perfin Space X, an investment fund in infrastructure participation. The company will receive R$ 2.2 billion for the sale, of which R$ 450 million refers to the price of the asset and R$ 1.8 billion in debt assumed by the buyer.

UTE Pampa Sul, located in Candiota, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, uses coal as a source of energy and has 345 units of installed capacity.

Cury (CURY3) and Cyrela (CYRE3)

Cury informed the market that its shareholder Cyrela now holds approximately 24.24% of the company’s capital stock. The previous share was 28.28%, according to an update on B3 on September 9.

“The sale of shares informed herein is part of the management of Cyrela’s shareholdings, and is not intended to change the composition of control or the administrative structure of the company”, says the statement.

according to EstadãoPetrobras confirmed that the president of the oil company, Caio Paes de Andrade, started a health treatment, but will continue to dispatch normally, mainly from Brasília, where he spends most of the week.

The diagnosis was not confirmed by the company, but sources, with knowledge of the case, according to the Estadãoconfirm that the Petrobras CEU was diagnosed with carcinoma.

The company announced the acquisition of control of Catlog Logística de Transportes, in which Tegma already had a 49% stake. With the purchase, the company now holds 100% of the acquired company’s shares, which had been inactive since 2014. The operation, according to Tegma, does not constitute a relevant investment for the company.

“The acquisition of the remaining shares of Catlog is part of a plan for corporate simplification, use of assets and unbundling of interests. To this end, the Company’s vehicle logistics operation contracts will be transferred to Catlog”, says the Tegma statement.

The Company’s Board of Directors approved the election of Márcia Fragoso Soares to the position of Director of Technological Development, Environment and Enterprises.

The company inaugurated another unit of orthopedic solutions and health on the move, the third to open in 2022. The new Vita Ortopedia e Fisioterapia is located in São Paulo.

“This opening is in line with the company’s plans to strengthen its ecosystem with integrated solutions in coordinating its customers’ healthcare journey,” reads the company’s statement.

With the new unit, Fleury also wants to organically expand its business line focused on healthcare solutions in addition to diagnostics.

Tarpon’s investment funds increased their position in the company’s capital, reaching 10.009% of the company. “The objective of the participation is, currently, of investment and, therefore, such participation, in addition to not having the objective of changing the shareholding control or the administrative structure of the company, may be increased or reduced according to market conditions”, says a statement from the company. company.

Brazil Agro (AGRO3)

The company acquired a rural property located in the municipality of Querência, state of Mato Grosso. The property has a useful area of ​​5.4 thousand hectares (total area of ​​10.8 thousand hectares), of which 80% are suitable for the second crop. The acquisition price is R$285.6 million (302 bags of soybeans per useful hectare), which will be paid in two installments – down payment plus an annual installment.

The Arbitration Court upheld the company’s new request for a new suspension of arbitration requested by Kentucky Fried Chicken International Holdings (KFC), regarding differences over the master franchise agreement signed by the two companies.

The new suspension was granted so that the parties can continue to negotiate, by mutual agreement, a solution to the conflict. The arbitration procedure will be suspended until October 12, 2022.

Infracommerce (IFCM3)

The e-commerce platform Infracommerce said this Friday that it had renegotiated installments related to acquisitions made in 2020 and 2021, reducing the amount to be paid this semester by BRL 235.5 million to BRL 60 million.

The reduction considers, in addition to the lengthening of the term, transaction price adjustments and the resources reinvested in the company by shareholders in the context of the capital increase announced by Infracommerce in August, according to a statement to the market. The company did not elaborate on which acquisitions it was referring to or the amount owed on each one.

The company said that, through the renegotiation, it extended the term of part of the installments related to acquisitions from the second half of 2022 to between 2023 and 2027.

AES Brazil (AESB3)

Director Susan Pasley Keppelman Harcourt presented a letter of resignation to the board, with effect from September 15, 2022. The members of the board of directors elected Maria Paz Teresa Cerda Herreros, replacing Harcourt’s term.

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