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On Wednesday, September 28, at 9 pm, the Belgian band Sônico will play a unique show in São Paulo, at Teatro Unimed. The show Piazzolla Rovira, la noche del encuentro celebrates the so-called avant-garde tango in great style, with works by the composers essential for the renewal of the acclaimed Argentine rhythm: Astor Piazzolla and Eduardo Rovira. Formed by Lysandre Donoso (bandoneón), Stephen Meyer (violin), Alejandro Schwarz (guitar), Ariel Eberstein (acoustic bass) and Ivo De Greef (piano), Sônico will offer the public a night full of Porteño charms and, at the same time, innovative and high quality music.

The presentation marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Astor Piazzola (celebrated in 2021) and the 30th anniversary of his death, in addition to bringing new light to the disruptive work of Eduardo Rovira (1925-1980), a contemporary of Piazzolla who, like him, , modernized tango, proposing new sounds to the rhythm, with a creative fusion between its popular roots, jazz and classical music. Rovira’s music has been increasingly valued around the world, mainly through initiatives such as those of Sonico.

Created in Brussels in 2015, Sônico is one of the most important current expressions of this so-called “new tango”, innovative, daring and which, at the same time, preserves its essence. His performance will bring to Teatro Unimed all the charm and soul of a modern and, as always, very seductive Buenos Ayres, in a night of celebration of good music. The complete experience can start at the Perseu Coffee House (right at the entrance to the theater) and continue, after the show, at Casimiro Ristorante dal Tatini, located on the fourth floor of the Santos-Augusta building, where chef Thiago Tatini will offer a special menu.

“It is gratifying to see that our theater is the stage for various presentations, for an increasingly plural audience. We always have people at the center of our work and we value diversity and culture in a broad way”, highlights the president of Unimed Nacional, Luiz Paulo Tostes Coimbra. “While Teatro Unimed is seen as the preferred stage for theatre, music, dance and corporate events, the general public notices – and approves! – the possibility of having a complete experience in the Santos Augusta building, including good times at Perseu Coffee House and Casimiro Ristorante”, adds Fernando Tchalian, CEO of developer Reud, parent company of Teatro Unimed.

Eduardo Rovira (1925 – 1980)

Composer, bandoneonist, arranger, conductor, in constant search for new sounds, the Argentinian Rovira definitely contributed to the evolution of tango, approaching the structure of chamber music, dedicating himself to music made more for listening than for dancing. Which would make him say once: “Most people think that tango is just a dance, something necessarily danceable, when in fact it is the poorest aspect of tango in the musical field. I am interested in getting to the essence of tango, the harmonic progressions, the variation of its rhythms, the development of the phrases”. And about Piazzolla, he would have said: “We are different, but mutually necessary, if perhaps only in the field of stimulation. I want to improve what he does, like maybe he wants to improve what I do.” In his intense production, there are about 200 tango works and a hundred pieces for chamber music. (source: www.todotango.com)

Astor Piazzolla (1921 – 1992)

Also a bandoneonist, arranger, composer and conductor, Piazzolla is responsible for taking the tango aesthetic to another level and which has influenced musicians around the world to this day. His innovative talent, even with his roots in the essence of tango, bothered conservatives who simply said “no tango”. The periods in which he lived in New York and Paris served to reinforce his choices in jazz references and new sonic possibilities of the bandoneon. By forming the groups Octeto Buenos Aires and Quinteto Nuevo Tango, in the 50’s and 60’s, with musicians of the highest level, Piazzolla subverted all the logic known in tango until then and that remains always current.

On its first tour in Brazil, Sónico will also perform in Porto Alegre (29/Sep, at Teatro Instituto Ling) and in Belo Horizonte (1st/Oct, at Sesc Palladium).

planned repertoire
El choclo (arr. Eduardo Rovira)
The Marambio Catan (Eduardo Rovira)
Nanin (Eduardo Rovira)
Mi noche Triste (Pascual Contursi arr. Rovira)
Calle 6 (Eduardo Rovira)
Simple (Osvaldo Manzi arr. Rovira)
Tristocuro (Eduardo Rovira)
Evaristo Carriego (Eduardo Rovira)
To Roberto Arlt (Eduardo Rovira)
Bandoneon, Guitar and Bajo (Astor Piazzolla)
Overturned (Astor Piazzolla)
Berretin (Astor Piazzolla)
La Depre (Eduardo Rovira)
Calle 92 (Astor Piazzolla)
Tango Care (Omar Valente)
Simple (Osvaldo Manzi arr. Astor Piazzolla)
Lo que vendrá (Astor Piazzolla)
Chique (Ricardo L. Brignolo arr. Astor Piazzolla)

Unimed Theater

Teatro Unimed is located in one of the central points of the city of São Paulo: corner of Rua Augusta and Alameda Santos, just one block from Avenida Paulista. Its programming is dedicated to high quality shows never before shown in the city, such as the musical Lazarus, by David Bowie, with which the theater opened its doors in August 2019. During the entire period when it was closed for in-person shows, Teatro Unimed continued to produce culture and leisure, with high quality shows, online and always free, as part of the Teatro Unimed Em Casa project. Very versatile, with the latest in scenic technology, ideal for theater, music, dance, events, recordings and live broadcasts, the Unimed Theater is entirely covered in wood, with 249 seats, a 100m2 stage, 12m wide stage and orchestra pit. The first theater created by Isay Weinfeld (responsible for the projects of the hotels of Grupo Fasano, the residential Jardim, in New York, and the Hotel InterContinental, in Vienna), Teatro Unimed occupies the first floor of the sophisticated building designed by the architect, Santos Augusta , a development by developer Reud, a unique combination of offices, cafe, restaurant and theater, which allows for a complete experience, before and after each show. Elegant and integrated into the lobby on the ground floor, Perseu Coffee House is the gateway to Santos Augusta. With original vintage furniture from the 50s and 60s, signed by great names in Brazilian design, such as Zanine Caldas, Rino Levi and Carlo Hauner, and a menu of classic coffees, food and drinks, it is the perfect place for informal meetings, from a coffee from morning until happy hour. Casimiro Ristorante, located on the fourth floor of the building, is an initiative of one of the most admired and traditional restaurants in São Paulo, Tatini, the result of the dedication of three generations of professionals dedicated to quality Italian cuisine: Mario Tatini, Fabrizio Tatini and Thiago Tatini.

Show Piazzolla Rovira, the night of the meeting
Unimed Theater
Ed. Santos Augusta, Al. Santos, 2159, Gardens, Sao Paulo
Wednesday, September 28 at 9pm (single performance)
Values: Whole – R$ 350.00 (audience), R$ 280.00 (counter). Half price – R$ 175.00 (audience) and R$ 140.00 (counter). Unimed customers have a 50% discount upon presentation of the card. Non-cumulative discounts.
Ticket Office Hours: Friday and Saturday, from 1:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Sundays, from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm.
Duration: 70 minutes
Rating: 12 years
Capacity: 249 seats
Accessibility: Tickets for wheelchair users and companions can be booked by email
Wearing a mask is recommended throughout the show.
Valet parking: BRL 25.00 (first hour) + BRL 10.00 (for each additional hour)
Online sales: www.sympla.com.br/teatrounimed

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