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CEO of Grupo City, Ferran Soriano was received by Bahia fans when he arrived in Salvador this Thursday morning. He arrives in the Bahian capital after the Bahian club announced a meeting to present excerpts from the proposal for the constitution of the Anonymous Football Society (SAF) of the Arab fund.

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In addition to the Bahia fans, president Guilherme Bellintani and vice president Vitor Ferraz were waiting for the manager. Upon appearing in the lobby, Ferran Soariano went to a vehicle parked outside and left the airport without speaking to the tricolors.

Ferran Soriano, CEO of Grupo City, during his arrival in Salvador — Photo: Reproduction / Redes Sociais

The meeting between the Bahia councilors is scheduled for 19:00 (Brasilia time) this Friday. The meeting is considered informal and will feature the presentation of some of the excerpts from the City Group proposal. The formal delivery of the document does not yet have a date to take place.

It is only after the formal delivery of the proposal that the analysis and appreciation of the Provisional SAF Commission, the Deliberative Council and the Audit Committee take place. Then, the document will be taken to the voting of the partners in the General Assembly, still without a defined date.

Rodrigo Capelo brings information about Bahia's SAF in the Redação;  Members of the Bahia tricolor were summoned to a meeting this Friday night

Rodrigo Capelo brings information about Bahia’s SAF in the Redação; Members of the Bahia tricolor were summoned to a meeting this Friday night

Since last weekend, a delegation made up of Brazilian and foreign representatives of the Arab fund has been in Salvador to meet with tricolor leaders and get to know the club’s facilities. The group even watched a match by Bahia’s under-17 team alongside president Guilherme Bellintani and vice president Vitor Ferraz.

In addition to Cadu Santoro, representative of the City Group in Brazil, the delegation is made up of Omar Berrada (Operations Director), Roel de Vries (Operations Director), Diego Gigliani (Vice President of the Board of Directors of Girona and Director of the emerging markets) and Fabricio Souza (scout in Latin America).

Group City entourage alongside Vitor Ferraz and Guilherme Bellintani at CT Evaristo de Macedo — Photo: Reproduction/Maurícia da Matta

In an interview with follow the baba in July, Leonardo Martinez, president of the Bahia Council, estimated a period of 90 days for the process to reach conclusion in case of a proposal received.

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The presentation of the proposal takes place nearly two months after Bahia resolved a pending issue considered important to close a deal with Grupo City. At the end of July, the Deliberative Council approved the agreement with Banco Opportunity for the payment of a debt that reached R$ 114 million.

With the negotiation, the debt was reduced to R$ 35 million, to be paid off in 84 installments within seven years. In the case of SAF, payment must be made immediately by the investor.

Trading and working behind the scenes

The negotiations between Bahia and Grupo City have been going on for a long time and involved a series of meetings, with a trip by Guilherme Belllintani to England and a visit by representatives of the Arab fund to the premises of the Bahian club.

Talks started in September last year., still with the Squadron in the First Division of Brazilian football. The relegation did not cool the interest that, according to the club’s president, Guilherme Bellintani, came from the Bahian team.

In an interview with Segue o BAba, ge’s podcast, Bellintani explained that Tricolor walked at a slower pace because it anticipated some steps. He cited the club’s debt verification process as an example.

– We chose the most thorough and careful path possible. Not only in legal and financial terms, but also in terms of the proposal – said the manager.

Although the proposal has not been formally delivered, the agreement between the parties is also seen as imminent. So much so that, even during the conversations, Grupo City is already working behind the scenes in search of professionals who can be part of the project. At the beginning of the year, there were polls by João Paulo Sampaio, coordinator of the youth teams of Palmeiras, and Rui Costa, director of football at Bahia.

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Clubs managed by the City Group — Photo: Arte / ge

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