Cheapest polo: what was the “magic” of VW

Volkswagen trumpets price reduction and more equipment, but you have to read between the lines

By Fernando Miragaya

In times of rampant automotive inflation and cars with absurd prices, coming across a price reduction on a “new” product is always good. But when trumpeting the decrease in the values ​​charged for the restyled Polo, it is necessary to be attentive and understand why the compact was cheaper in this half-life update.


After all, at a time when the industry struggles with the lack of components and the rise in the price of steel and logistical costs, the blanket is short to make any price reduction. Therefore, the new Polo 2023 was remodeled, it even gained items and a better finish, but it was cheap because it was also well lightened in equipment.

See how the Polo prices were and how they were, and how much cheaper the compact hatch was.

  • 1.0 MPI – BRL 82,990
  • 170 TSI – BRL 92,990
  • Comfortline 170 TSI AT – BRL 102,990 (cost BRL 108,890 – 5.4% reduction)
  • Highline 170 TSI AT – BRL 109,990 (cost BRL 116,990 – 5.9% reduction)
Volkswagen Polo Highline 170 TSI 2023
Photo | Volkswagen/Disclosure – Restyled 2023 VW Polo kept the previous line’s taillights

How the VW Polo got cheaper

less powerful engine

For starters, the TSI engine, the apple of the eye of the line, lost a lot of power. Won the calibration of the late Up!. The T200 turbo becomes T170, but the loss is not just in the torque that underlies the numbers in the names of the settings.

The 1.0-liter three-cylinder now generates 116 hp with ethanol and 109 hp with gasoline, much less than the 128 and 116 hp that the VW Polo TSI provided up to the 2022 line. Torque plummeted from 20.4 kgfm to 16.8 kgfm.

Obviously consumption has benefited. The averages (by the standards defined by Inmetro) of Polo TSI are now 9.6 km/l in the city and 11.6 km/l on the road, with ethanol, and 13.8 km/l (urban cycle) and 16 .5 km/l (road cycle). But note that these numbers refer to the new version of the turbo engine with manual transmission, until then non-existent.

However, performance was also compromised. The Polo became cheaper because it accelerates slower and also has slower resumes. Check out the comparison between the automatic versions 2023 and 2022 lines, with ethanol in the tank, according to data from Volkswagen itself.

2023 vs. 2022

  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h 10.5 s 9.6 s
  • Retake 80-120 km/h (kick-down) 7.7 s 6.7 s

drum brakes

This is a regrettable item because it concerns braking power. Not that a drum game won’t stop the car, but of course it doesn’t have the same efficiency as a disc system.

The Polo, which was one of the few in the category to have four-wheel disc brakes, now has drums in the rear to make it cheaper.

Cheapest polo does not offer electric windows

Well, the Polo also differentiated itself in the segment by offering an item that looks simple, but is functional for those with a large family. The rear electric windows of the 1.0 MPI entry version of the hatch are gone, they are not even offered as an option.

input options

Speaking of electric controls, the owner of the most affordable Polo can’t even be entitled to the electric mirror. Volks limed the option packages that included the electrical control of the outside mirrors, in addition to other items, such as a reverse sensor, turn signal repeaters, light alloy wheels and sound (in this case, it is necessary to install the system as a dealership accessory ).

Cheapest VW Polo doesn’t even have a reading light

The back passenger of the cheapest Polo went to the slaughter itself. The entry option lost even the rear light up there in the roof. If you need to look for something that has fallen on the floor or floor, use your cell phone’s flashlight.

split rear seat

Another item that seems expendable, but that is useful and that helped Volkswagen save money. The intermediate Comfortline configuration no longer has a split backrest – only a folding one. In other words, if you have to take a person in the back seat and you need to put a long object that doesn’t completely fit in the Polo’s 300-liter trunk, that’s it.

Light in the trunk

The economy in the lights has reached the trunk of the Polo. Volkswagen has mercilessly removed the luggage compartment lighting from the compact in the Comfortline versions.

Comfortline options

The intermediate option of the new Polo was also cheaper because it gave up a bunch of options. And we are talking about interesting equipment, such as a camera and reverse sensor, electrochromic rearview mirror, automatic air, fatigue indicator, autopilot, paddle-shift, leather covering, light and rain sensors, a face key and even the glove compartment with light and air conditioning.

Electrically folding mirrors

We arrived at the top of the line, which was also lightened in equipment. The Polo Highline was almost 6% cheaper because it lost, among other things, the electric folding of the outside mirrors, an item that can be quite functional in tight garages.

Top polo gets cheaper, but loses climate-controlled glove compartment

Okay, it’s not a refrigerator, but the air conditioning outlet to the glove compartment is an alternative for those who want to keep water at a cooler temperature in the compartment. Well, the top-of-the-line Polo missed that too.

fatigue indicator

You know that symbol of a cup of coffee to suggest a driver stop for rest on long trips? The Polo Highline also no longer offers in its list of standard items. The system understands if the driver has been driving for a long time without breaks or always in the same pattern, and indicates a stop to avoid drowsiness behind the wheel.

Wheels and tires

Here the size of the rims has changed, but it is also necessary to warn future owners of the Polo. The Highline option came standard with 17-inch wheels and 205/50 tires. Now, on the 2023 line, they are still in light alloys, but they are 16″ rims, with 195/55 tires.

Where is the cheapest Polo Adas?

Missing from the launch of the new Polo was a more generous package of safety features. However, it received automatic post-crash braking. The compact hatch continues to leave the factory with just four airbags – while Chevrolet Onix, Hyundai HB20, Toyota Yaris and Honda City offer six scholarships. The VW hatch is also equipped with stability, traction and climb controls.

The four mentioned competitors offer, either as an option or in the top-of-the-line versions, some more expressive item of assistance to the driver. Well, not even the Polo Highline can receive any equipment from the so-called Adas system, such as adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, lane assist or blind spot sensor.

The expectation is that the sporty GTS version of the remodeled hatch, expected for 2023, will come with one of these devices.

fog lights

We didn’t even highlight the lack of fog lights on the line because, to be fair, the VW Polo 2023 gained a modern lighting system. The full-LED equipment promises a luminous flux of more than 700 lumens (amount of radiated light) and a lighting capacity of more than 130 meters – 50% higher compared to the halogen of the previous line.

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