Conversations about a new farmer mark dawn

After an exciting farmer’s test, “The Farm 2022” (RecordTV) had a peaceful dawn. However, the conversations and gossip between the pawns did not rest. There were criticisms of Shayan and even the next house targets revealed.

Check out the early morning highlights below!

Shay is the new farmer

Shayan managed to free himself from the hot seat and won the farmer of the week race. Deborah and Bruno, who were also in the dispute, went straight to the countryside alongside Tiago Ramos, already in the hot seat for having been vetoed from the dynamics.

Today’s race required agility and aim. The pawns had to ride to a gauge and set up a stable, always moving “on horseback” across the track – the horses were fake. Next, they had to use ropes to lasso 10 cows and return them to the barn.

Criticism of Farmer Shay’s stance

The Farm 2022: Peasants claim that Shay's posture has changed - Reproduction/PlayPlus - Reproduction/PlayPlus

The Farm 2022: Farmers claim Shay’s stance has changed

Image: Playback/PlayPlus

In a conversation in the head office room, Pétala, Lucas, Vini, Deolane, Moranguinho, Bia and Tiago agreed among themselves that the attitude of the former “Marriage to the Blind” (Netflix) changed shortly after he put his hat on his head.

The group also pointed out that the merchant has already joined the “other side of the house” and that he has forgotten that he was the last of the remaining one on the night of the formation of the roça.

He wants the people to like him for the power he has. But it only lasts for a week, folks. Deolane

“His look changed, his posture too,” continued the lawyer.

“There’s a line that Pétala says is a saying: you want to know the person, give them power”, agreed Vini.

Vini and Deolane’s Next Target Revealed

The Farm 2022: Vini and Deolane promise to target Barbara in the coming days - Reproduction/PlayPlus - Reproduction/PlayPlus

Fazenda 2022: Vini and Deolane promise to target Barbara in the coming days

Image: Playback/PlayPlus

During a chat in the living room, Deolane and Vini commented that Barbara is one of their next targets in the house. In the words of the lawyer, the ex-Paquita is a “little snake”.

“I’m already going to target Barbara. I’m already predicting it, it’s on my radar”, said Vini.

“Me too. But there are a lot of people defending her”, agreed Deolane, referring to the rival group in the house – which includes Alex, Tati, Kerline, Ingrid and Ruivinha.

She is still not my vote because there are many in the front, which I want to take before. But she is a little snake… she Always militates criticizing our side. Deolane

Thomaz’s attitudes in Deolane’s sights

A Fazenda 2022: Deolane criticizes Thomaz's game inside the house - Reproduction/PlayPlus - Reproduction/PlayPlus

A Fazenda 2022: Deolane criticizes Thomaz’s game inside the house

Image: Playback/PlayPlus

Deolane criticized Thomaz’s game strategy. For the lawyer, the former “Carrossel” (SBT) is not giving priority to his group inside the house.

“There are some people who think they are smarter here in the house…”, commented Strawberry Shortcake at the time.

It was then that Deolane pointed out: “I don’t know if I’m right, but I think Thomaz uses us when it suits him. And then he wants to be the ‘peace’ person. I don’t like that.”

He saw that his group strategy wasn’t going to work. He’s also seen that I’m skittish and that nobody bosses me around. So it’s no use wanting to use the group I’m in and like when it suits you. Deolane

The Farm 2022: Who do you want to be on reality?

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