Corinthians is expected to debut a new third shirt in October before the Copa do Brasil finals

Corinthians should debut their new third shirt on October 8th. according to ge.globe, Timão’s new mantle will be released in the game against Athletico-PR, for the 31st round of the Brazilian Championship. Therefore, the kit will be released before the finals of the Copa do Brasil against Flamengo.

This year, the People’s Team shirts are being made in honor of the ten years since winning the 2012 Club World Cup. Thus, the third garment would end this cycle of tributes.

In recent months, photos of this possible shirt have appeared on social media. Even with some websites that sell fake clothes selling them. Both Nike and Corinthians did not go public to deny or confirm the leak and by all indications, the images were real. In July, the Mine Helm even found out about the veracity of the images.

The third mantle of 2022 must be cream in color and contain kanji, ideograms that make up the Japanese alphabet. The final against Chelsea took place in Japan.

In April and May, the other outfits for Timão had already been released. In the case of the first, the mantle alluded to the shirt used by the club in winning the World Cup, with the same design and golden colors that symbolized the conquest. The second uniform followed the same line, with allusions to the 2012 outfits and with golden details.

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