Crocodile Hannibal, 4.8m, attacks zookeeper who climbed on his back

Visitors to a wildlife attraction witnessed a 15-foot crocodile attack its trainer, who was injured after being snapped in the leg. The reptile is named after Hannibal – recalling the character from “Silence of the Lambs”.

The episode took place on September 10 at Crocodile Creek Park in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, and was recorded by witnesses at the scene.

According to the newspaper The South African, the incident was carried out by the crocodile Hannibal, who is 78 years old and weighs 660 kg. During a presentation to visitors, zookeeper Sean Le Cleus entered the crocodile enclosure and wanted to prove how docile and manipulated these animals can be.

To make the audience even more curious, he sat on the crocodile’s back, still calm and quiet. “This is the only crocodile in South Africa that I can sit on my back,” Le Cleus said in the video.

Another reptile, next to Hannibal, reacts to the keeper’s movements and makes the atmosphere uneasy.

Then the zookeeper is surprised by Hannibal’s sudden change in behavior, who turns in fury and attacks the man with his fangs. In the footage, people panic when they see Le Cleus being bitten on his left leg.

As he leaves the ground, the injured man can be heard screaming in pain, at the same time as a child cries, asking the crowd to stop recording.

After the incident, the management of Crocodile Creek issued a statement to the local press, stating that Le Cleus was rescued and is doing well. Despite the crocodile’s violent blow, the trainer was not seriously injured. He was taken to hospital with holes in his left hand, bruises on his leg and other parts of his body.

Le Cleus recovered quickly and returned to work shortly after the accident, the institution said. “Sean got stitches and went back to work 20 minutes later.”

The Crocodile Creek spokesperson also explained the reason for the crocodile’s attack and added that if the animal had wanted to, the incident could have ended tragically.

“It was because the female was approaching him, and she’s very harsh. So Sean was watching the female, and Hannibal just reminded him that he was there. If Hannibal had taken a real bite, it would have been pretty bad. Like all work. , there are always risks.”

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