Duda Belli cancels Dazaranha show at the bar after vocalist participation in Lula’s rally

The Duda Belli bar canceled the participation of the band Dazaranha in the establishment’s 38th anniversary show, scheduled for November 26th. The cancellation took place after the band’s vocalist, Moriel, participated in the rally of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), candidate for the presidency, in Florianópolis on September 18.

According to the owner of the bar, Adalberto Belli Junior, Duda, the reason for the cancellation of the show is for security reasons, and justifies that he feared that there would be some fight related to political positions on the day of the party in November.

“I think everyone can take a stand, but I don’t take a stand inside my bar. I think we have to be correct. You don’t have to position yourself that way. If I brought the guys, I would be able to fight here at our party, which is for everyone to have fun”, says Duda.

The owner says the action taken has nothing to do with political persecution. In the 2018 elections, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), Lula’s main opponent, obtained more than 85% of valid votes in the second round in Brusque. Therefore, the trend towards Bolsonarism in the city would have been taken into account for the cancellation of the show, in order to avoid conflicts.

“It has nothing to do with political persecution. I decided to do this for security reasons. Here in Brusque, the majority will vote for Bolsonaro. How will I deal with this consequence? I took an attitude that I thought was better for everyone, even for them”, justifies the owner of the bar.

Ticket sales have been suspended and Duda says the band will be replaced. The other attraction that will be present in place of Dazaranha at the event should be announced soon by the organization.

Moriel’s Participation

Moriel sang the national anthem at the beginning of the event with Lula in Florianópolis. The Dazaranha singer also gave a speech at the rally. He asked for the return of the Ministry of Culture and, referring to Lula, asked for attention to environmental issues. After the speech, Moriel hugged Lula.

“Right is not something we are given. Right is something they cannot take away from us. We want the Ministry of Culture again. I wanted to tell our future president that our island is very fragile, it only grows when the tide dries up. We need a defense for the entire island and the entire coast of Santa Catarina. Let’s take the environmental issue very seriously. Lula, welcome to Santa Catarina”, he said.

In addition to Lula, former president Dilma Rousseff also participated in the event; Lula’s deputy, Geraldo Alckmin (PSB); the candidates for governor and vice of Santa Catarina, Décio Lima (PT) and Bia Vargas (PSB); and Senator Dário Berger (PSB), candidate for reelection.

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